A Fresh Start Begins TODAY!

It’s time for a new adventure! This is Our Story and This is Our Song is exactly what I’ll be writing about. I had the hardest time finding a new name, then in Church this past Sunday we sang this song and I was covered in goose bumps. I knew immediately what I must do! I thought about it a few days and then shared it with a friend. She got goosebumps too! I knew it was right!

So here I am, a fresh start, a new opportunity to start each second over, and I couldn’t be MORE EXCITED!

This week we are enjoying Vacation Bible School at River Bend Baptist Church. A favorite summer activity at the Worley house!


Next week kicks off Worley Summer Camp with SCIENCE WEEK! This is not only a plan to keep my kids busy and happy all summer, but also to work out all the kinks in our new homeschool routine. If you have a science lover in your family you’ll want to be sure to read here next week!

I’ll also be continuing my 1000 Gifts list here starting tomorrow.

Stay tuned! This is sure to be an AMAZING adventure!


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