1000 Gifts List

If you’ve been following my other blog YourInnerLayer.wordpress.com then you’ve already read my goal of being thankful for 1000 things this year. Here is part one of my list from that post: (http://yourinnerlayer.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/one-thousand-gifts-challenge/)

1.   Fresh vegetables that I had a part in growing

2.   Days that I feel really good

3.   A cool breeze on a hot day

4.   Fresh mint to make my tea

5.   The laughter of little kids getting along

6.   Friends that feel at home when they walk in your door

7.   Homemade gluten free pizza with vegetables from #1

8.   Hard boiled eggs

9.   Izze drinks

10.               Potty training when they do it themselves

11.               Cute things my boys say

12.               A clean and organized pantry

13.               My laptop to write anywhere

14.               New roses blooming in my yard

15.               The first pomegranate on our tree

16.               Naptime

17.               Our finally decorated entryway

18.               Photos

19.               Scentsy smells that fill my home

20.               The blessing to teach my children at home

Here are the new things I added:

21. Sonic drinks

22. Vacation Bible School

23. soft jammies

24. Isaiah saying, “there’s no nuch thing” or “Chick a fay”

25. Adversity that forces me to lean on God

26. Samuel’s curiosity (most of the time!)

27. Noah’s ambition and drive to run

28. T.V.

29. internet

30. my washer and dryer

31. the color green

32. Amazon

33. The library

34. my glasses so I can see!

35. smoothies

36. HEB

37. encouraging words spoken to me

38. Sharpies

39. Pinterest

40. my book light

So you get the idea. I won’t list all 1000, but randomly I’ll list a few and let you know where I’m at. It’s my form of accountability! Is anyone else playing along? It’s hard to  be mad if you’re always on the lookout for something to be thankful for!


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