Worley Science Camp Day 1

It’s Science Week at Worley Camp and we are off to a great start today! I spent most of the day Saturday preparing for the week and most of the day Sunday preparing food so we wouldn’t have to stop discovering and inventing. It was an amazingly fun day today! Samuel and Isaiah were so excited to wake up to their own Laboratory this morning. We had a friend join us and he had a great time also. I think his favorite part was scanning his hand to enter Worley Invention Factory.


The boys loved having their very own lab coats and goggles. You can find so many cute ideas when you search “Science Party” on Pinterest. Since my boys haven’t wanted to have birthday parties I was super excited to finally use my creativity again to plan this week of Science Camp (which will no doubt end up being more than a week because there are so many COOL things to do!) I did find it a little challenging to be continually asking them questions, while doing the experiments, controlling the mess and taking pictures, so the photography is the best I could do. You can find most of this on my Pinterest page under Homeschool Science if you want more detail.

We started Science Week over the weekend by watching Flubber for Family Fun Friday Night, followed by glow stick tag and a healthy dose of rough-housing. I also picked up a few Bill Nye videos from the library and pulled out all the Science books from their shelves. We decided to make some homemade salsa on Sunday and there is LOTS of Science in that process. We have been really happy with the overall production of our garden this year with minimal effort.

Today the Scientists scanned their hands to enter the lab and we got started right away on our first experiment, Solar S’mores. (http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/solar-smores-673886/)I had Noah cut the box and prepare it last night to make it a little easier. We then talked about why we designed it the way we did and each one made their very own creation. We found a sunny spot outside and I let the Scientist tell me how the box should face. We then came back inside and filled in the Science Journal with each Scientist placing their guess as to how long it would take for the chocolate and marshmallows to melt. They really enjoyed eating this Science project two hours later!

While we were waiting for the timer to go off to check the S’mores we made homemade glitter (http://www.planetpals.com/craft-non-toxic-craft-supply-recipes.html) It looked like so much fun I had to make a batch also. It didn’t turn out quite as sparkly as in the picture, but the boys were happy with it, and we’ll use it during Art Camp Week so I’ll let you know how it goes. Isaiah decided the entire bowl of salt would be dump to dump on the table and play in. I didn’t get a picture of that…

We took a little break for lunch and enjoyed octopus hot dogs swimming in blue spaghetti with some fish joining the party. Their smiles made the extra effort of this lunch worth it.

We continued the fun by making secret messages on bananas. They used toothpicks to scratch and poke holes and checked back every few minutes to watch it appear.

The next experiment was a candy acidity test using pixie sticks. I gave them each ¼ cup of warm water in a clear plastic cup and both a yellow and a blue pixie stick. They loved watching it turn green, and of course how delicious green sugar water tasted. I then gave them each baking soda to see if there would be a reaction. They thought it was really cool to see and hear it foam. I did have them try the mix after the baking soda and in unison they spit it out on the table! We continued the experiment by putting it in the freezer to guess how long it would take to freeze. Isaiah was also helpful in continually opening the freezer to check if it was frozen yet and knocking Samuel’s out…I didn’t get a picture of that either.

We then took another quick break to check and gobble up their S’mores creations. I was the one to guess the right time it would take to cook. They think I’m really smart. I went ahead and went with that instead of telling them I read the directions J

After we cleaned all the chocolate off their faces we got some water balloons and filled them up. We put them in the freezer and entered our hypothesis on what would happen. Nobody guessed that the balloons would pop as they froze because they are stretchy, but they did! It was really cool to hold it and see how the outside forms a shell but the inside stays a liquid longer. It was also fun to hold. Tomorrow they get to smash them. Except for Isaiah, who already smashed Samuel’s on the kitchen floor.

We decided to call it quits as it was already passed 3:00 at this point and Isaiah needed to take a nap. Or maybe it was me who needed a nap. Either way the boys didn’t complain so we finished all our reports in the Experiment Journal and had some much needed Mario Wii time.

It was a lot of work to put it all together and thankfully the kids are happy to take a “brain break” in between each experiment so I can clean and prepare for the next one. We wound down the day with a dinner picnic and another viewing of Flubber, then Samuel was ready for a bit more knowledge so I let him perform brain surgery on http://www.edheads.com where he was entranced until he could no longer keep his eyes open!

Stay tuned for the lab to open again tomorrow!


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