Worley Science Camp Day 2

The boys both woke up with complete excitement, asking what the first experiment would be. Watching mom’s motivation increase exponentially after breakfast?! It was cute to watch them scan their hands and make a little a beeping noise every time they entered the lab.

We started day two by taking the frozen water balloons out and comparing why one still had the balloon and one didn’t (the amount of water in each one.) We then took them outside and smashed them on the driveway. We took chalk and made circles around the biggest pieces and timed how long it took them to melt compared to how long it took them to freeze.

We got started right away with the dry ice experiments. It was a shocker to all of us that our 10 pounds of dry ice had somehow become about one pound in the freezer overnight. For our first experiment we put dry ice in a metal cup and added warm water. The kids had a great time playing with the fog.

  I then added in some soap and they loved playing in the bubbles.

 They could take a handful of bubbles and pop them and watch the     smoke come out of their hands.

Next I added blue food coloring and forgot to mention they shouldn’t grab them! OOPS!

After they washed their hands we went right into the next experiment; touching the dry ice with a coin and hearing it squelch. I wish I had audio of Isaiah mimicking that sound. It’s precious.

We continued the fun by moving to the bathtub and trying to get the dry ice to make big bubbles. It didn’t work as well as we had hoped, but the kids were still excited at the bubbles it did make.

We moved back to the kitchen and put some dry ice in a bottle and put a balloon on top. It was fun to watch the ice blow up the balloon. The kids thought it was cool to give the bottle a little shake and make the balloon fill faster.

I blew up another balloon and dropped them both at the same time. They had to figure out why the one filled with carbon dioxide dropped much faster and straighter.

I thought it would be fun to put a little piece of dry ice in a latex glove and tie it shut so they could dance and shake and have fun with it. Samuel and Isaiah both managed to get small burns because they were not able to resist the temptation of touching the ice. Samuel’s was on his chin and Isaiah on his hand. They were very minor, but enough to get their attention and have them understand they have to follow directions completely in Science!

 When they got big they put them in a plastic bucket and they waited for the carbon dioxide to pop the gloves one by one. It was fun!

We moved away from the dry ice and decided to try making an ant farm. They filled a large jar with dirt and moistened it a bit, then put leaves on top.

We put out a spoon of honey on a plate and would you believe no ants even after 4 hours! In see ants here every day!

 I had Isaiah put out a cookie and in less than 10 minutes we put about 20 ants in our jar. We covered the jar in foil and put nylon over the top. They have to remember to feed them every day and then in about a week we can remove the foil and see if they made tunnels through the dirt. I hope it works!

Since we had the balloons out we decided to try disappearing ink. The boys drew in balloons with Sharpies and then blew them up. When they did they watched their pictures disappear and then reappear as they let the air out. We let the air out different ways each time. The first time we pinched and stretched the opening to make it squeal different ways and the second time we just let it go so it would fly around the room.

I could tell the kid’s brains were in need of a break so we made leaf rubbings while I made lunch. I was actually impressed with all the different leaves we have in our back yard.

Lunch was super fun with Mad Scientist wraps, veggie straws dipped in cucumber hummus and fruit salad.

You can see the burn on Samuel’s chin here.

The boys took a little break, or maybe it was me…and then we came back to the table and made molecules.

Isaiah had fun with rainbow marshmallows and Samuel had gum drops.

I let Isaiah do his thing, but challenged Samuel a little more by giving each element a different color and then having him build CO2 & H2O.

Samuel loves rocks as you learned from my previous blog where he spent a week in recess detention for continually trying to bring them home hidden in his pockets from the playground at school.

So I added a few Geology experiments in the mix to see how he’d do with it. One of his most favorite things to do is sort items, any items. So I let him sort the rocks several ways; by colors, textures, shape, which ones look the craziest, which have layers, weight and size. When I realized he was really digging this, I stepped it up a bit and got the magnifying glass out to sort them by grain size.

We brought them outside to test if they were hard or soft by seeing which ones would write on the concrete, but found it worked much better on the bricks. We decided we totally need to get a rock polisher! We talked about rocks being made of minerals and if it’s predominately red it has a high iron content, and if it’s white mostly calcium. It was fun to pull their treasure boxes out from Big Bend which were full of rocks.

We were then able to tie this all back to our trip to the cave a few weeks ago and how the rock formations are made. I loved Geology in college so this was a whole lot of fun for me! I’m looking forward to being able to expand on this when we get to this subject in homeschool. If anyone has one of the geology rock kits we’ll be happy to give it a fun home!

We decided to make some fun creations with our rocks and it was a nice time to just relax without having to play another round of Jeopardy. I have to admit my brain is being stretched also! We had to let some paint dry so we’ll have to finish these creations tomorrow.

When Daddy got home he helped Samuel make homemade geodes using Epsom salts, water and blue coloring poured in egg shells. We’ll see how this does over the next few days.

He then helped us break open the geodes we bought at the rock store on our trip to Big Bend. The inside was full of really pretty crystals in purple and white. The boys always like when they can use tools with Daddy.

We had to close the lab down for the day after that so we could have dinner and get in bed at a decent time.

When Isaiah asks to brush his teeth and go to bed you know it’s been a great day.

Two days of Science is not nearly enough for these budding Scientist! We’ll see you tomorrow with day three’s experiments!


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