Worley Science Camp Day 3

We had a slow start in the lab today. Isaiah had a rough night sleeping which means I did also. My alarm clock today was Samuel asking loudly, “Mommy what’s 24 + 24?” in a voice that was way too excited for this hour of the day. When I finally answered all the math questions I could in my head, I decided making breakfast would be an easier task. Noah was playing with Isaiah in their fun little bear cave and I found myself wondering how to bottle their energy to get me through this day!

For some odd reason I felt this overwhelming need to complete some projects on my ‘to do’ list. The boys had a morning play date so I decided to close the lab until after lunch. The kids were all playing so nicely together I went to tackle my first task; clean out the two sets of basket storage shelves in Isaiah’s closet and move them into the school room, then build shelves in his closet to optimize space. These projects always end up with Noah having to build something that is harder and takes longer than I thought it would.

The school room is really coming together and we had fun playing in there for a little while today. We all scanned our hands and headed to the lab for lunch. We discussed with our friends how boiling water softens noodles and makes them taste better than when they are raw.  Followed by why some people’s taste buds like cheese on their noodles and some only butter. I put out a selection of different chip type products and let them choose which one they would like. We talked about salty, savory and sweet and how some people gravitate towards certain flavors. By the end of that process Isaiah (who slept about 4 hours last night) was ready for a little rest. Samuel decided he wanted to clean his bookshelves which was both shocking and sad for me because the kid who won’t throw anything away is all of sudden wanting to give everything away. I found myself sad to have him want to give away the books I’ve snuggled him and read a million times, but I get that his interests are changing. Thankfully I still have Isaiah to read them to. We finished three shelves and then I needed a break. Mostly because I needed to figure out where they were going to live next since I just decreased Isaiah’s storage size immensely!

I decided to take a few minutes to myself to organize my Pinterest Boards. Yes, my Pinterest boards. I don’t know why I feel the need to organize today, but I do. It could be because my counters are covered in Science stuff and I need them clean every night. I have issues. Isaiah decided a short nap was all that was going to happen today, so that little break (complete with chocolate covered frozen bananas) was over way to quickly! We decided to head to the lab, but we were all tired today so we only did a few experiments. It was hard to hold a very cranky Isaiah’s attention and when Isaiah melts it set’s something off in Samuel like nails on a chalkboard. It was just an off day at Worley Co. today.

I let Samuel pick the first experiment from the list and he chose Making Smog. You can see here that neither of my boys liked the outcome of this experiment! You wet the sides of a jar, light a strip of paper and then put it in the jar with the match, cover it quickly with foil and put ice on top. It did smell pretty bad.

Next we tried this experiment that looked so awesome! You dissolve different amounts of each color Skittles in warm water creating different densities, and then layer them in a bowl to make a rainbow. This was our first failed experiment so far. The Skittles wouldn’t dissolve so I tried heating the water in the microwave which helped. I let them cool, but I could not get them to layer when I poured them in the bowl. There wasn’t that much of a different in their density and I couldn’t pour it slow enough without it leaking down the side of a bowl. I was wishing I hadn’t thrown out all those blue sucker things you use to clean out babies noses, which would have worked perfect! It ended up one big bowl of murky water. After reading the reviews I was happy to see there wasn’t anyone who could make it work. The boys were impressed at how quickly the Skittles loss their coating and the fact they were white underneath. We also enjoyed eating them!

We moved on to the Tornado Bottle and I let each of the kids pick a color to add to their water. This seemed like a great idea at the time and then they could see the colors mix, but it made it really tricky to screw on the center piece with both bottle having water in them. I figured it out with minimal spill and Isaiah enjoyed seeing it work.

He then decided to dress it up as his friend which was totally hilarious. Right after this picture he backed up a bit, looked at it intently and yelled, “TACKLE” and did just that. He built it up again, this time giving his new friend slippers and an extra hat and continued this process (top photo). It was just too cute to stop.

Seeing Double was our next experiment where you hold a little mirror while you have your back to a bigger mirror and count how many images you see. Samuel was so sure he would only see two images and I explained how each image can reflect off itself making the number infinite depending on how the mirrors are set up. Isaiah thought this was really cool since he recently gained a love of making faces and motions in front of the mirror.

Our next experiment was my favorite one of the day! You HAVE to try it although our eyes did hurt a little so we may have done it too long. We were entranced by the results of Need Your Lenses Checked? We first tried it outside and it didn’t work. Here’s what you do: find a sunny window (pull up the blinds) and put your back to it, holding a piece of white paper and a magnifying glass. Move the glass to and from the paper and watch the light turn black on the paper. Then turn the magnifying glass around and it makes all kinds of really cool designs and rainbows. This will keep your little ones entranced for a while. I found large plastic magnifying glasses at the Dollar Store in the kid’s garden section. We talked about concave and convex lenses and compared them to cameras, binoculars and my glasses. I finally grabbed Samuel, “I already know all this and just want to sit and play Mario attention” back.


I decided the last two experiments needed to be fun because the entire day has been a little off and we were all feeling a bit grumpy. It’s called Crater Than Thou and you get a bowl flour, smooth it out and drop different size balls down into it from varying heights, then examine the impact. I did a small bowl and used three different sized marbles.

I felt myself cringe the first time they grabbed the marbles out because I knew there was no turning back.

This quickly turned into this. I had to really dig deep and quick for my inner fun mom that I want to be and fight back constantly saying, “Keep the flour in the bowl! Don’t make a mess! That’s enough fun!” They played like this for 40 minutes and It quickly reminded my kids are very tactile and I need to keep that in mind planning their lessons for school this year. They both put flour on each other’s heads and I came out of the deep thought to end this chaos.

I decided the last experiment would be a glow stick bath party. I told them to stay where they were since they decided to COVER themselves from head to toe in flour and get the bath ready.

This would have been much cooler in my Jacuzzi tub, but it’s too bright in there because I haven’t made the curtain on my ‘to do’ list yet. I started cracking the glow sticks which somehow my boys can hear in the other room unlike my voice, and the next thing I know they are in the bathroom with a trail of flour footprints behind them. I once again had to find my inner calm and tell myself, “Bite your tongue, it’s alright…you have a Dyson!” I put on Pandora for them and headed to the destruction zone.

 I got them happily in the glow tub and set out to clean up the flour trail. Dyson did a great job picking up the flour and I found myself thinking, “40 minutes of fun for 10 minutes of cleanup is worth it. At least it’s not ant bait sugar!” I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of the final mess and their cute footprints on the carpet. I really need someone to follow us around with a camera for the day. After I returned from putting Dyson back in his home I realized it. On the black ceramic stovetop…a very thin, fine coating of flour EVERYWHERE! It had just enough time to settle on all the counters, stove, floor….all over. I really thought one of the perks of a Dyson was that it controlled that…All in the name of science! If you visit us in the next few days, that is flour all over not dust…wink wink.

I threw myself together and ended the day with some much-needed girl craft time. As much as I love providing this experience for my kids, it was nice to take a break from the lab for a little while! We decided to take a break from Science tomorrow to finish Samuel’s Science journal and logging the experiments we are waiting on (shells in vinegar, homemade geodes, ant farm) and head out for some library time and surprise ice cream. Somehow I don’t think we’ll go the entire day without any Science…it’s just impossible.


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