Science Camp Break

Thursday we started the day snuggling on the couch watching several episodes of How It’s Made. It’s such a neat show and it mesmerized Samuel which is nice once in a while. He learned how to make a bamboo bicycle (I’ll bring this up again later) He loves watching the commercials and it’s always interesting to hear his response to the marketing. Today we need to get a new car that automatically starts before you hit the brakes. Uhm..yeah we do! We also need to recycle more, visit the Museum of Weird and record some other shows he saw commercials for. This is the reason we had to buy a Ninja and not a Magic Bullet. Now, if I can figure out to market homeschool subjects he doesn’t like to him….

We finally got moving at 11:00 and got ready to head out of the house. Isaiah is in this cute (sometime frustrating) stage where he likes putting everything in the house in bags and lugging it all over.

I have found some very interesting things in his bags including a wrapped piece of cheese and underwear yesterday. He’s very prepared. He is also a Super Hero which requires many different costume creations depending on the powers he inhibits that day. We finally got loaded up over an hour later and headed out to a friend’s house to pick up some books she was giving away. My kids devour books so we never turn them down (or puzzles if you happen to be purging). She lives in the town we moved from so we decided to stop by and see some good friends.

We used to live in a tiny, yet quaint little cottage in a really amazing neighborhood with trails and horses (for some of the time) and big trees. This was the view out our front door. We actually had this set up for Samuel’s 2nd birthday party.

We would see squirrels, pigs, deer and the occasional alligator there and we LOVED it. But when we learned Isaiah was on the way the arrangement was going to be a little more difficult and we decided to purchase our first house. Anyway, we went there to do a little nature hunt and look at our old house. Memories came flooding back of living there and bringing Samuel home for the first time. We planted several things before Samuel was born and when he was a baby and it was so neat to see how they had grown. I will blog about this with pictures later.

There was one trail we were on that the grass does look similar to bamboo and Samuel was ready to build his bike. I had no earthly idea what he was talking about because my short-term memory is on vacation these days.

We then went to say hello to our friends that work in the office beside our little cottage, we were surprised to learn of baby raccoons she had rescued! It was the COOLEST thing ever! We got to hold them and feed them and Isaiah and I loved every second of it.

Samuel has never been much for animals, but in his defense he’s allergic to a lot of them so it’s in his head he can’t touch them.

It was so sweet though! Their tiny little hands and cute baby sounds. My favorite stuffed animal growing up was a racoon named Rocky.

Isaiah just read The Kissing Hand so this was extra special to him. This was a sweet memory that I will treasure and Isaiah is such a little nurturer. He has wanted to get a little play vet kit and I think I have to break down and buy it for him now! He even got to feed them their bottle!

We then headed to the library and picked out a few new books. Samuel was very happy to find a new book on the shelf. What was about you wonder? Well Science of course! I let them play their favorite games on the computer and then we headed for one of my favorite treats, Slush Puppies! Since I was already traveling down memory lane I decided to give my kids a glimpse into one of my favorite childhood treats. I was so excited when Noah came home a few months ago and surprised me with a great big grape one! If you haven’t tried one you’re missing out. They are one of a kind. It has little ice balls in a sugary syrup and you add the sour flavoring. YUM! I didn’t get a picture. I guess I’ll have to go back. The sacrifices I make for this blog…

We then headed home for a little quiet time and before I knew it, it was time to make dinner and start the bedtime routine. Baths are not nearly as fun now that they’ve had glow sticks.

In the morning I got to head to my first Scrapbook Convention and it was a wonderful, relaxing weekend away.

The hotel was awesome and in walking distance from a beautiful shopping center with a musical fountain.

I could feel my mom mojo quickly settling down and I slept so well in the amazingly comfy bed. I learned some new techniques which was great, but just the time away with zero responsibility was fantastic.

We ended our two excursion at the cheesecake factory were they have a flourless Godiva Chocolate Cake, seriously yummy!

Especially yummier when you take a bite with your friends Banana Cheesecake….simply heavenly…go and try it!

We still have two more days of Science experiments, but first we had to can all the stuff from the garden. Stay tuned tomorrow for that fun!


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