Samuel’s Last Day of School

We are planning to have another Science day today but since it hasn’t happened yet, I decided to tell you all about Samuel’s last day of school. Somehow I skipped over this post in all that has been going on. For the last day of School I had a Magnificent Mario Day for Samuel. He had lost the privilege of Mario because of his behavior at school, so this was a very exciting day for him. His teacher said she finally had to ask him after a while in class if he was going to take his backpack off and stay a while. He just wanted to get that Wii remote in his darling little hand.

He woke up to Mario wonderland.

I had written these words that made a trail from his room to the kitchen table.

Throughout the trail I put toadstools, gold coins and little prizes like erasers and pencils.

At the end of the trail he found three graduations caps that Noah and I had worn in our college graduations. His school didn’t do any kind of ceremony and I wanted this memory!

When he reached the table I had it covered with a Mario beach towel and more little gifts including a Mario mouse pad, Lego set and journal. I also included the picture of him and his teacher from their first meeting and his class pictures.

Isaiah was just as excited for Samuel as I was! He has really missed having his brother home this semester.

I asked Samuel what he wanted to wear on his LAST day of Kindergarten and he said he wanted to dress like a first grader. Apparently, that looks like this:

Then Daddy took both boys to the donut shop before school, something reserved for very special days.

I showed up for his class party with his requested chocolate dipped strawberries that had to pass his approval before being shared with his classmates. He kept asking over and over if it was time to go. He was READY! You can tell from this face that he was pretty excited to put and end to Kindergarten.

I already told you how I felt when we got in the car here:

When we got home his favorite (and only) babysitter was here watching Isaiah and he was very excited to see her. I let him open the gift Isaiah got him, his much coveted MagnaTiles and then I told him the BIG surprise. I was taking him to Game Stop to get the Mario Party 9 game that he had been wanting since before Christmas. He was even more excited when I told him he could play it as long as he wanted that day.

I had one HAPPY kid and it’s only gotten better as he’s been able to relax. He is eating better, sleeping better and his old self is coming back. I just love this kid! Even when he won’t take off his new Mario jammies for three days.


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