From Garden to Jar

I forgot to mention what I walked into when I came back from my night away. It was so sweet! Noah had also done all the grocery shopping and his mom had cleaned the kitchen and did all my laundry! It was so nice to come home and get to continue relaxing.

When I asked Noah what he wanted to do for Father’s Day he chose to take on a day of canning, so canning we did. But why isn’t it called jarring?

Here is what we made:

Dill pickles

Strawberry Jalapeno Jam

Mint Jalapeno Jam

Pickled Banana Peppers

Pickled Jalapenos

Stewed Tomatoes

Spicy and Mild Salsa

I still have to make pickled okra and relish when I can make it to the store. I really like how my pantry makeover is coming along. I am still in love with Lock and Lock containers, but they are expensive so it’s going to take a little time before I have all the ones I want.

We have lots of room to expand our canned section and I plan to take advantage of that! Of course my desire is to have my pantry this organized someday!

Pinned Image

Noah and I cook really well together after spending our first years of marriage in a very tiny kitchen. We both got into the habit of cleaning as you go since there wasn’t any space to leave a mess! We’ve almost mastered the art of entertaining the boys as we keep the process going. I know this will continue to get easier as they get older. They were so cute and stacked the pillows on the other side of the counter while Noah told them all the Science that was happening in the preserving process. I need to get some stools now that they can safely climb up on them.

They thought it was fun to hear the cans pop as they sealed. It’s the little memories that will stay with them a lifetime. Of course Samuel wanted to know why Daddy would rather be canning then have the unlimited time playing Mario with him that he gave him as a Father’s Day gift! Unfortunately, I ate all the squash, zucchini and asparagus as fast as it grew!

We were going to have Science time yesterday but with the soothing rain we decided to snuggle and start going through the boxes of books we got the other day. We spent the entire afternoon reading and sorting books. The boys had such a great time, and I enjoyed the relaxing time since I’ve had a horrible ear ache for two days. We also were stuck at the house since the AT&T guy was here trying to get our service running for 6 hours….and has to come back tomorrow.

Remember the multipurpose room turned school room I told you about? Well in order to convert this little space to still be able to fulfill all our needs I made the closet into my craft supply/overflow space. I wasn’t thinking when I put the shelves in there that anyone would ever need to access the metal box of wires in the wall. So all the stuff I put on those shelves had to be moved and the shelves pulled out…that wasn’t frustrating at all. It’s also not frustrating that it now has to sit out in my bedroom until they get it figured out…nope not at all. To make it more fun the shelving units I felt like I just had to move out of Isaiah’s closet last week to put the finishing touches on the school room, were BOTH exactly where he needed to access the phone and cable lines. I am just 3 for 3 in awesomeness.

When the boys were ready to get up and stretch from the piles of books surrounding them, we checked and logged the experiments we started last week. Our Homemade Geodes turned out pretty cool, but most of the crystals were in the container not the egg shells.

The shells in vinegar were also neat. We had put in three shells of different thickness and were able to compare how hard each one was by breaking it. The biggest one broke along the edges only.

This polymer was supposed to turn into fake snow. It never did that. It just stayed a big blobby mess of goo and the boys did not like it. It reminded me of the time Noah accidentally washed a diaper.

I have to admit it’s pretty nice to have my counters clean again, at least for a day.

Samuel has wanted me to move the desk out his room and create a little reading area by his bookshelf. We moved onto that project and before we knew it, it was time for dinner. He fell asleep snuggled in his new spot reading Tom Sawyer.

 For not doing very much I was exhausted! I am completely enjoying these days with no schedule and no pressure. I LOVE SUMMER!


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