Cousins Week

I was joking with another blogging friend how we both have more blogs in our “Draft” folder then in our Published folder because we can never get them “just right.” I usually want to add photos, which means having to download and edit them and that takes time. One of these days I’ll actually purchase some good photo software to make this a little easier. Any suggestions?

So with that said, here is a glimpse of what we did the last two weeks!

It only took AT&T five days to install our new lines. They sent a woman to finish the job on Friday. I’m just sayin… We will now be saving over $100 a month, sorry Comcast there is FINALLY a new option in town! Even with the inconvenience of waiting on them all week, we still managed to squeeze in four play dates and that was super-duper fun. We still have two more days of Science Camp experiments to complete, but right now it’s all about unstructured play.

  We did a little Super Hero training…

 Built a castle for Princess Mommy to scrapbook in…

Then we took a few train adventures!

We are very fortunate to have Cousin Lucy with us for a week in the summer. We started this tradition last year and Samuel gets so excited counting down the days until Cousin Week. This year we got to head to Lucy’s house in Louisiana for the weekend and that was a fun adventure. They boys were having so much f-u-n discovering a new state. It was a great weekend hosted by my brother and sister-in-law and they were so sweet to accomadate my special food needs.

We did a little of this:


And then decided to go and take in some cajun sights. We became Kings and Queens…

Ate ice cream with bacon in it…

Adopted a pet donkey

Chased some roosters

Enjoyed the breeze on a swing

Built a bridge to my castle

Jumped down a few stairs

Played in the dirt wondering how the shells got there with no water in sight??

Splashed in the water fully clothed with no towels while a pet racoon ran around and stopped for frequent slurpee breaks.

Tried some good ol’ cajun gator wrestling

Threw some sticks in the beautful water

Had some snow cones

Did a little excercising because kids have an amazing amount of energy

And then it was time to watch a family movie and snuggle down. After a fun-filled weekend we headed to Worley Co. for an exciting week!


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