Cousins Week Part Two

FINALLY…part two of cousins week. I wish I would have written this two weeks ago because that part of my brain has already been replaced by two additional weeks of activities!


I let the kids play like crazy when we got to the house from Lousiana, pulling out every single game and toy we have and playing it for 5 seconds. They were all sound asleep by 9:15 and slept a full 12 hours (except Isaiah) waking up full of energy and ready to explore. I on the other hand really wanted a Coke for the first time in months! I of course didn’t give to this temptation, but it was a close call. I miss caffeine.

I find myself wishing my eyes were a camera and I could just blink to take pictures because even with the hundreds I take a month I STILL miss some really awesome things. I also wish I could record almost everything that comes out of my boys mouths right now. They are pretty funny kids!


Our first day got a bit derailed when Isaiah woke up in the middle of the night vomiting. This was yet another turning point in motherhood where he actually came to my bedside and said, “Mommy, I had the yuckies in the bathroom.” In my groggy state I have to decipher this code and he actually did make it to the bathroom. It’s a brand new world when your child can make it to the bathroom and is no longer having “the yuckies” in their bed, or yours. He made it to toilet the next two times without me, in case you were wondering. He is getting so big, but yet is still so little.

He was fine the entire morning so after a few crafts,

Lucy making some pretty pasta jewlery.

we decided to head to the library where the kid’s joined the reading program and picked their first books. Lucy enjoyed the toys and the boys played on the computers.

Creating her Dino Zoo!

When we came home they were ready to just play play play…so play they did and I unpacked from the weekend and did laundry. When Noah came home he took the big kids swimming and they came back ready for a good dinner and some rest.


It was SO HOT today. Indoor play was certainly in order so we headed to Monkey Joes. I wish I could say my kids had a great time there, but within the first 15 minutes Samuel got vinyl burn and that set the tone for the next 3 hours. It wasn’t long before Isaiah and Lucy shared his pain. **Note to self…long pants at Monkey Joes. None of MJ’s pictures came out!

After a quick stop at the grocery store we decided it was just TO HOT (104 to be exact!) to be in and out of the car and went home for an indoor picnic.

Summer picnic Texas style

The kids watched The Incredibles while I made a batch of homemade raspberry jam.

Homemade raspberry jam = delish!

My boys are totally into superheroes right now and really enjoyed this movie! I really enjoyed the short break! I made them sea creatures using nitrate free turkey dogs and Jello jigglers made with pomegranate juice and gelatin.

Poke the pasta in the hot dog before you boil them.

Samuel pulled all the pasta out of the hot dogs, Isaiah protested the mustard and Lucy loved it all. It was so nice to have one non-picky eater this week! The picnic however was a big hit since eating  on non-tile surfaces is prohibited on any normal day.

Super fun with homemade pomagranite jello and fries.

After lunch I pulled out some clay to make creations and it was completely dried out. It had the consistency of an eraser. SIDEBAR: I was so disappointed I emailed the company and they sent me a complete new pack. I have had really good luck emailing companies when I feel like something should last longer than it does. I’ve replaced several of the kid’s toys, my coffee maker, the shades for the car windows and several other items. It just takes a little time.

We decided on play dough and that kept them busy until it was time to head to the YMCA for Tae Kwon Do. It was fun to watch all their creations. They were pretending they were fashion designer and putting on a big fashion show. It was really neat to listen to them play out the roles and funny to hear how they view adults! It was not fun however to remove the play dough creation from the gallery wall, AKA the kitchen walls.


Wednesday is always a wacky day at Worley Co. and Cousin Week is no different! The kids had the hardest time going to sleep last night and at 11:00 pm were still up giggling and making memories. It was so hard to tell them to stop because it was super cute to hear them giggle all night. Needless to say Lucy and Samuel slept until almost 11:00 am which meant we missed the movie we were going to see and opted for a play day at home. I was more than happy to oblige since we have been running so much lately. We made some yummy chocolate chip cookies with almond flour

Gluten Free – Grain Free Yumminess!

and Kale chips which were both a hit with Lucy and I. The other two…not so much. We had a water day outside and they kids played in the pool and sprinkler while I tried to tackle the weed issue taking over all my garden beds! We enjoyed an outdoor picnic dinner and then headed to the YMCA for some super fun pool play time. This was just what the kiddos needed to burn that last bit of energy!

Fun at the Y



I woke the kids up early today and we headed down the Children’s Museum.

Unfortunately we picked the day that every single camp in Houston was there and it was a little crazy keeping up with three kids going in different directions.

A scientist dream come true!

All in all they had a great time and we spent a good part of the day there exploring.

This is the first time Samuel would do this maze!

After lunch everyone spent some time reading and relaxing until it was cool enough to play outside in the sand box.

Nice, relaxing fun in the sandbox.

Lucy played Mario with Samuel and he was so excited to finally play this week!


We started the day with waffle volcanos as a segway to have the kids guess where we were off to that day.

Waffle Volcano

We headed down to the Natural Science Museum in Sugar Land and it was a great choice!

My little birdies

There were not very many people there and the kids could roam in different direction to explore.

Samuel was so excited to use the camera!

They loved watching a movie in the dome theater and exploring the dinosaur exhibit.

We stayed a lot longer than I thought they would last, and it was great. We headed to Chili’s for lunch and laughed and giggled the entire time singing silly songs. My apologies to the people around us!

When we headed back to Katy I decided to go the library so they could collect all their awards for reading their 20 books. They each earned their trophies this week, which was a big accomplishment. Lucy and Samuel took turns reading to Isaiah so he could earn his trophy as well. Great team work!

Hard work pays off!

They received a pencil, bookmark, certificate and trophy. We celebrated by heading to Rita’s Italian Ice for a nice cool treat.

Sour Patch Kid = Yum!

MMM Red dye!!

By the time we got home it was dinner time and then the kids were ready to relax with a movie and popcorn; and so was I!


I had to run some errands today so Noah was on duty. I really can’t remember how the day went, but I know at some point it rained and I had the kids go outside and go rain catching.

Rain catching FUN!

Their mission was to fill their buckets at the end of the driveway and run back up to pour it in a bigger bucket they had to fill.

They thought this was a funnest thing ever and giggled the entire time. It was pretty fun. I have no recollection of what we did the rest of the day. What I do know is everyone was happy and that is all I could ask for!


Sunday was Lucy’s last morning with us. We ALL slept in and then had a lazy breakfast and packed all Lucy’s stuff. Samuel tried to come up with several different “traps” so nobody could ever come and get Lucy, but then he felt sympathetic that she might be a little homesick and agreed to let her leave with the condition he would be seeing her again in 6 short days. When her car pulled away his first words were, “NOW can I play Mario?” And that is what he did! AFTER helping Daddy mow the lawn so he could take a break and play too!


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