Our Dallas Adventure Day 1 & 2

I aspire to be like Doogie Howser and have the energy to write lucid posts every night to keep up with all the exciting things we accomplish. Then I realize I’m not on a television show and I actually do need to sleep once in a while to be kind and sweet like I encourage my children to be.

At Gran-Gran’s house

The boys and I went on a Dallas adventure and had a blast! We started our trip off at Braums because I’m a good mom and know how important it is to teach your children how to properly eat an ice cream cone!

Yum YUm YUM!

Samuel and Isaiah both wanted green ice cream and Gran-Gran ended up with green also.

How does yours taste Gran-Gran?

So it was green tongues all around. It is obvious there is still some later training needed since Samuel and Isaiah both took bites out of the bottom of their dripping cones. Samuel made his into a telescope.

Braums – Yumminess

We then traveled to get MY snacks at a Natural Grocery Store. I know to some that doesn’t sound very exciting, but for me it’s a very happy place to know I can eat and not get sick when I travel! The boys enjoyed this new experience and that made it a whole lot more F-U-N, which is the goal of this trip. We then headed to Gran-Gran’s for the night and settled in for a week packed with F-U-N! It is always interesting to me how my children remember certain things each place they go. At Gran-Gran’s house they have their favorite toys.

Isaiah has two, this old record player

And these nesting barrels

Samuel’s favorite are the books, or course. After a rough night, we woke up early and I got in touch with my inner Martha to bling my flip flops and make them match my outfit and not look so flip floppy.

My inner Martha

Nu-Nu showed up and we made the journey across town to Grapevine to visit Legoland & Sea Life. I was so glad to have my Mother-in-Law with me to navigate the roads and help me survive this 12 hour day! Plus, it was great to finally BE in some pictures with my boys!

YIPPIE we made it!

Legoland was by far a favorite excursion on this trip, and a place we will have to visit again in the future. Two tips, several of the attractions are based on height. This was a sad reality for Isaiah who was two inches short for 3 of the big attractions. The other big tip is if you go to the Sea Life website you can buy combo passes which is a MUCH better deal than buying individual tickets, but there is a fixed number sold each day so it does take a little planning.

Legoland starts by waiting in line to get in queue to wait in line. The boys wanted to get these Legos out in a bad way.


Once you make it through those two lines without your kids melting down in anticipation, or hurting themselves with the barriers they like to snap like a rubber band,

You know, these barriers that they like to use as sling shots?

 you then go into a smaller room where you wait some more. At least it has Legos you can actually touch.

Writing a message to text to Daddy

Daddy, I love you! in secret code.

But once you get past that…it’s ALL F-U-N!

Well hello Lego man

 You start in another little room called “the Lab” where Professor Brick-a-Brack teaches how Legos are made. I could only understand every 7th word he said, but the kids enjoyed it and they were happy to receive their souvenir Lego to take home.

Professor Brick-A-Brack


After that short presentation you go through another door and get on your first ride. Isaiah couldn’t wait!

I can get through this line Nu-Nu! Follow me!

You sit in a cart equipped with laser guns and travel through a dark tunnel shooting at things to save the Lego people and earn points.

Ready, Set, GO!

Samuel beat us all by over 1000 points! He’s a pretty good shot!

When did he get so big?

Once you complete your ride you are free to roam Legoland! We HAD to stop and say hello to Dirk as Noah IS his BIGGEST fan!

I didn’t know Dirk had a dog?

Then Samuel decided to be the controller of the map and I thought it would be a good position for him to have. We started out in the mini Lego room which was very impressive. I have no idea who has to build all these things, but I’m glad it isn’t me. I am also glad I’m not the guy who after we were there 9 hours was still dusting them all with a paint brush. Wouldn’t that spray air stuff work a little better dude? This attraction is really awesome.


It has the airport,

the entire downtown Dallas skyline (which in my opinion is the prettiest)

and even a mini stadium.

It did keep boys attention for a good amount of time, but I think the appreciation for the detail was lost on them at this age. This is just a few of amazing creations in there. Some girls dream of a Barbie Dream House. My dream house is right here!

Southfork Ranch

At that time my friend of over 16 years showed up to spend the day with us. She does not have any children so this truly was a labor of love!

Julie my co-Princess

Julie has always been a great friend. She is one of those friends that has always understood me and always makes me feel good about myself. She’s so much fun and even though we don’t talk on a regular basis, we always pick up where we left off and are always amazed the parallel journey God has us on. Would you believe she is also dealing food challenges? I know, right! It was so nice to talk to a friend who doesn’t just empathize, she actually lives it. It’s such a refreshing feeling to reconnect with great people.

We then headed to the first ride on the advice of a very nice employee who warned us it would be getting very crazy in there soon. (She was right by the way!) Ride one was cars, which could have been a lot more fun if Isaiah was tall enough and you could do more than drive in a circle without hitting anyone. Samuel however thought it was “wicked cool” to be able to drive and I bribed Isaiah with Smarties so all was good.

Driving is easy Mommy!

We went across Legoland to find The Marlin ride so Isaiah could have a chance to have some fun. It goes around and around and up and down and at one point in life I actually enjoyed this.

After that, we headed to spot you can build your own car and race it down one of several tracks. I knew this would be a hot spot for Samuel as he always spends a good portion of time doing this at the Children’s Museum in Houston.

The winner!

Isaiah joined in and that kept them entertained until we finally pried them out of their hands to have lunch.

Creating the perfect car

We enjoyed a nice meal and even better fellowship and then it was off to ride the carousal. Thankfully Nu-Nu was willing to not only go on once with Samuel, but twice because me and spinny things are not a good match.

Isaiah had been coveting the mini carousal over by Legoland so I gave in and put the dollar in the machine for him to ride…it STOLE my money. Julie, never wanting to see them sad, starting pulling it around and around! Isaiah was in his glory.

We decided to go and check out Sea Life and it was amazing!

Isaiah liked watching the eel poke his head out of the pot.

Unfortunately, my camera takes really bad pictures without a flash so I only have a few. I took some great ones from my phone, but for some reason they won’t transfer. It really was pretty! 


This was one of the best aquariums I’ve been to and worth the ticket price for sure. There were fun facts all over the walls throughout the aquarium which made for a VERY happy little 6 year old!

Instant fun friends!

They have a fantastic octopus display and lots of really colorful fish tanks. The best part was the glass tunnel where the entire room is see-through. We also enjoyed the shark tanks and looking though the second story floor down into a tank. My favorite was the Sea Horse area, beautiful! There is a touch tank on the way out and Samuel had a very specific star fish he wanted to touch

which required the guy to reach really far!

We ended the tour by sitting in the theater and eating a snack to rest for a minute while Isaiah finished his little nap. We learned about cleaning up the beaches, recycling plastic bags and sea horse breeding. All knowledge to make Samuel smile.

When we were ready for a change of scenery it was back to Legoland for the last two hours where we built a few more cars, played with big Legos,

rode a giraffe

watched 4 D movies

and finally we sat a bit and relaxed while the boys played together building a big fort. I have no idea how we went through the gift shop no less than 6 times and not one time my kids asked for anything. We were all ready for a little nap after this super fun-filled day!


Next Stop: Fort Worth Science Museum!


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  1. Wow! How fun! So among all of your talents you could be a kids event planner! Happiness projects for kids ( and grandmothers)! Thanks for letting me be a part of this journey!

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