Dallas Days 3 & 4

Dallas Day Three: Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Nu-Nu joined us for another trip across town to Fort Worth today. We absolutely loved the Fort Worth Science Museum. I love the fact that my boys love museums as much as I do. It makes it so much more enjoyable to go and explore! The reason I chose this museum was their new attraction; Grossology.

We visited this traveling exhibit when it was at the Health Museum in Houston, but Samuel was only 2 at the time and as much as he loved it then, I knew Isaiah would love it now. Being that Isaiah’s favorite word is ‘poop’ you can’t go wrong with Grossology.

Even the elevator is cool!

We were excited some family that lives in Fort Worth we able to join us for this excursion. Samuel and Isaiah enjoyed some more time with cousins and I enjoyed some mom to mom time. There have been so many things happening in our family lately that remind us we have to be intentional about spending time together, because we never know when that time will end. Samuel happily resumed his role as controller of the map and was insistent we start on the second floor in Grossology.

 Here are some fun things in Grossology:

The names of these book cracked us up!

You walk into a big mouth to start your journey. It would be cool if there was a big toothbrush they could use to brush those teeth!

The first hands-on activity is making a burping sound = happy, giggly boys!

Isaiah needed a little help from cousin Katie to get the button to push down!

The whole exhibit is filled with facts on the wall which was Samuel’s favorite part. I took pictures of ALL of it for his homemade Grossology book.

A boys funny place…

Shooting balls into a nose. Fun interactive game.

Then you could walk through a nose…with nose hair and all. YUCK!

This was Isaiah’s favorite guy.

Especially when SNOT came out of his nose!

Then there was the life-sized Operation game.

And this guy that made all kinds of cool sounds.

I took a lot more pictures than this thinking it would be fun for the boys to make their own Grossology books to complement their Homeschool Science this fall;  The Human Body. Samuel also convinced me to buy him an Animal Grossology book at the gift shop so I have a lot of those fun facts now embedded in my brain. It will be fun to reference when we do Zoology next year.

Once the kids filled their gross-tanks we headed to another part of the museum. But not without one quick stop for Samuel to lay on a BED OF NAILS!

Getting ready for the nails to come up…

It took a little pursuing, but after Nu-Nu took the risk he (very apprehensively!) he did it and I was so proud of him!

They really were sharp nails!

Samuel is not at all my risk taker. He likes things very predictable and safe so this was a huge leap for him.

The next place we enjoyed had a machine that made a tornado out of smoke. Samuel and Isaiah both agreed this was amazing.

He did however walk away thinking if he sees a tornado in real life he can simply swing his arms around in it and break it up so it can’t destroy anything. I’ll wait until our chapter on weather to break my little super hero’s heart on that topic.

This blue globe had some kind of oil water mix that swirls in neat patterns when you spin it.

This table was super fun. The boys could put different weighted circles on the spinning wheel and see what happens to them. Isaiah kept putting his hand on it which shocked him ever time, and about knocked him off the stool.

Then they built a few towers…and knocked them down.

Then we headed to the light room for our next stop. This was a fun spot for Captain Color to recharge his batteries. I thought the life-sized Light Bright was the coolest thing EVER and decided to write a little message to text to Noah J

Isaiah played with these nesting stackers for a long time

making several creations.

Samuel moved on to the Color Wonder Glow where you draw with a flashlight.

Isaiah followed big brother.

Isaiah moved on to the Legos (because yesterday was not enough) with Nu-Nu on the glow table, which I have to admit is pretty cool. I need to figure out how to make one of these on Pinterest!

How have I never thought about shining a light so they can make shadows on a white sheet? It was a great relaxing activity for Samuel.

After a little more playtime with trains and blocks, we headed a few blocks down the road to Central Market and enjoyed a great lunch. It’s so great when I can find quality food, out at a restaurant that I won’t suffer for later. YUM-O!

I’m not sure if I mentioned my desire to eat from a food truck after watching The Great Food Truck Challenge. This one pulled up right after we finished eating. BOO!

The boys wanted to go back to the museum so we stayed until they were kicking us out and enjoyed several more exhibits. Of course we had to take one more round through Grossology to make more fart noises and see more snot. Then we decided to try out the Risk exhibit.

Nu-Nu was taking RISK letting Samuel ride on her back!

You are supposed to pretend you are high in the air. Just FYI I would NOT do this high in the air unless it was life or death!

This was a probability wheel. You answer questions on the probability of becoming a millionaire and getting injured in a car wreck. Samuel liked this game. According to this he has a good chance of being a millionaire.

According to this test of questions my health age is 33. It would appear I need to be a lot less healthy and take more RISKs to catch up with my birthday this year!

The planetarium was really neat and I’ll keep this in mind for our Astronomy semester. They also had a very cool Cowboy Museum with a movie in the dome theater.

Samuel setting up his virtual farm

I learned how to read a brand (kind of) and all about barbed wire.

After that we headed to Samuel’s top spot…the gift shop where he wanted one of everything. I was able to coax him out with only a few treasures to enjoy a few more sites.

I decided to let Braums make dinner tonight after we went to the car wash and literally drove out into the rain. It was Okay with me though because I could at least roll the windows down again after they got stuck from the sap dropping off the tree on them. After that we were all exhausted and ready for a long night’s sleep!

Dallas Day Four: Madagascar 3D

What!? I look awesome!

We all slept in until after 9 today and it was fantastic! I’m not sure how the boys worked their way to sandwich me in a very small bed with them, but we were all so tired we didn’t care. We got up and had some yummy coconut flour pancakes and then talked Gran-Gran into going to see Madagascar 3. We haven’t seen the first two, but if they’re as funny as this one, we’ll have to get them! (sidebar: we saw the first one the other day…boo!) It kept us all laughing the entire time. While I do think it was ridiculous to pay $50 for 2 adults and 2 children to see a matinée movie in 3D, it was worth it. The $4.75 for a Vitamin Water however was a bit much. I AM “that mom” that packs my kids healthy snacks for theater…thank goodness or this trip would have been upwards of $75.00!

This is going to be SO F-U-N!

We chose the theater at North Park mall which has always been one of my favorite spots in Dallas. Honestly, there aren’t many spot that aren’t my favorite in Dallas. I love this city and hope to end up back here someday. When we walked past the Lego store I broke down and let the boys pick a treasure to take home. Samuel chose the bog box of 600 Legos and Isaiah was so excited to build his own Lego People. So far it has been a good investment and has provided lots of playtime for them. I can see lots of little pieces being eaten up by Dyson in the next few years.

The boys absolutely love escalators and once they spied them that was the ONLY thing they wanted to do. Before I could remind Isaiah to step IN the yellow lines he was stepping on the edge and falling into my arms. This wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t holding the stroller in one of them! I dropped it quick and two ladies were so kind to stand there at the end of the escalator with it as I yelled, “I’ll be right back for that!” They watched as we rode up, and right back down. Isaiah big smile on his face which I’m sure is the only thing that kept them from yelling at me to control my child. They commended my fast action in saving him from his doom, I just shook my head because no words could explain how I felt at that moment. There was definitely a cape in my picture of myself.

Nu-Nu joined us after the movie and we decided to go to Mi Cocina for their super delish brisket tacos. This proved to not be my smartest eating choice and set me quickly back on track in my restricted diet! We headed over to Sprouts, another natural food store here and picked up another stock of fresh fruits and veggies to get us through the rest of the week. Isaiah was so exhausted he fell asleep in the car at 7:00 and I was able to transfer him to the house AND put on his jammies without him waking up. He slept a nice 13 hours!

Tomorrow: Riding the rail


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