Dallas Days 5,6 &7

Dallas Day Five: Riding the Dart & Midevil Times

Today was another day of sleeping two hours later than normal and having a relaxing breakfast. They boys were playing so nicely together I decided to leave it alone and have a leisurely morning myself! By that I mean doing the dishes and laundry in my robe J unfortunately even on vacation we make a mess.

Gran-Gran and I decided it would be a good day to take the boys for a ride on the DART rail and explore a little bit down town. We parked and were buying our tickets when our little button pushing loving three-year old pushed the 911 call button. FYI – there is NO WAY to stop one of those calls when they start.

 I tried to explain to Isaiah that the RED button is only for emergency because in my head at that time, a three-year old would understand that. He just started crying because Mommy was being a little more than firm with him. What was wrong with me? Thankfully my child has never had to experience and emergency and has absolutely no idea what that even means!

Isaiah don’t go off the brick!!

We moved on and waited patiently for the train to arrive and take us on our splendid adventure.

TRAIN!! Where are you?!?!

We had absolutely no idea where we were going or what we were going to do, we just rode.When they started getting antsy, about six stops down the road, I decided to visit another one of my favorite Dallas weekend spots, West End.

 I was SOOO disappointed in how much it has changed! I was glad Gators was still there which I used to LOVE to eat at (on the roof) when food was my friend. But Planet Hollywood, the street vendors and the fudge shop were gone. It was so sad! We opted for lunch and cold drinks at Corner Bakery and headed back on the train.

I taught Samuel how use the route map for the different trains as we headed back to our station. I’m convinced (if Isaiah wasn’t so tired) Samuel would have rode on every train to every stop to verify the legitimacy of the map. I can see we are going to have to add some Geography and maps into this year’s curriculum!

We headed back to the house and I had the opportunity (finally) to teach Gran-Gran a few of my almond flour recipes. She was recently diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance and food allergies as well. I of course taught her the important stuff, desserts! For some reason when there are some healthy desserts that still taste good (trust me I thought there was no way this possible at one time!) you don’t feel as deprived.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to Midevil Times for our dinner and show. I have wanted to visit this place since I first moved to Dallas over 16 years ago.

Gran-Gran takes us to the coolest things!

As if it wasn’t hard enough to not eat the yummy pastries at Corner Bakery, it was really hard not to each the very good smelling food at Midevil Times! They, like most places I have been were very accommodating and brought me a fantastic veggie plate. When so much of our social lives are geared around food, it’s important to know you have alternatives that you won’t suffer for later. There are very few days that go by that I don’t get news of someone else that has a food allergy or even worse, cancer. It’s been crazy lately!

This place was fantastic! The show was energetic and the service was great. The boys were completely intrigued and I did let Gran-Gran buy them glowing weapons to take home.

 You can see by their expressions they are quite intrigued with these new toys. The closest thing they have had to “fight” with is a pool noodle. For those who have never been here, this is a GREAT experience. You show up at this picturesque looking castle that even has a moat and draw bridge.

A girl could get used to a place like this!

You go in and get paper crowns that represent the Knight you will be cheering for. We were cheering for Red & Yellow.

There are several opportunities to take photos. In one room you can even dress up in renaissance clothes. Then you head into the big hall which is filled with every toy, costume and sword your child could want.

They have some of the entertainers walking around and they’ll take pictures with you and chat with you as long as you’d like.

They even use an accent and address you as “Me Lady” and “Young Squire” it was SOO F-U-N! You can look into the horse stables and even pay a little extra to go into the torture chamber. While it was tempting to show my children how good they have it, we decided not to scare them this time.

We were fortunate to sit at table #1 so we were first to be seated and didn’t miss anything.

We got to sit it the first row, but its stadium seating so I don’t think there are any bad seats. The boys were almost to light to keep the seats down! Eat up young squires!

As they are serving soup and bread they are also performing a show in the center of the room. I loved the metal plates and bowls, so F-U-N!

Drink my soup? That’s just silly Mommy!

There are several different challenges performed after the Knights are introduced. After a short parade, the Knights continue doing more challenges. I have no idea what all these things are called but they are mighty entertaining! The costumes are fantastic and the Knights throw flowers into the audience, mostly to cute little girls.

As this is happening the server brings you a half of a chicken, ribs, roasted potatoes and NO silverware. You eat it all with your hands! They do provide a sturdy wet wipe at the end of the meal, but I suggest bringing a few of your own, especially if you go with kids. Samuel was completely in love with this bread.

The lights are dim at this time which means my camera stops taking pictures..boo! It was really fun to watch and cheer for your Knight, for us it was the Red and Yellow Knight.

The jousting is the last part and the most exciting. This is also when they bring the homemade apple strudel dessert they taunted me with. I wasn’t quite sure how my boys would handle this since the most violent thing they have ever seen happens within a Mario game. When I looked at them they were both GLUED to their seats.

Samuel was getting really uncomfortable and I had to explain to him that this was all rehearsed and nobody is really getting hurt or stabbed with swords. It still made him cry when the Red and Yellow Knight lost his joust. I’m praying there won’t be any “knightmares” tonight! I’m so glad I finally got to see a show there! I’ve always been intrigued by the castle and wondering if it was worth the hefty ticket price, it is; at least for one time.

Dallas Day 6 – Fun With Old Friends

We hung around the house today working on projects and letting the kids get a little rest before we had dinner plans. The boys were playing so nice together I hated to even let them notice I was creeping around. We all went about our list of things to do until they needed a little nap. It was at this time I finally had some time to catch up with my dear friend Monica.

It is breaking my heart to watch my sweet friend battle breast cancer. She has had her ups and downs in life and she always has kept a positive attitude. This is no different. I’d like to think I would be as at peace as she is with all of this, but honestly I am more prone to think I would be bitter and angry. They have come so far with treatment options for cancer, but is anyone trying to figure out how to stop it from occurring so often in the first place? It the last 6 months there have been 8 people very close to me diagnosed with some form of cancer. It’s scary and it’s frustrating.

We headed out to have dinner with my great friend David and meet his fiance Lori. I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of them and the wonderful meal they made us! Lori went out of her way to make a meal I could eat and it was fantastic! I was so concerned with making sure the boys were using their manners and not wiping their faces on her beautiful cloth table-cloth, having pillow fights with her decorative pillows or jumping on her furniture with their shoes on that I never grabbed the camera! Lori on the other hand didn’t seem to phased at all by active boys.

David and I have been friends for a long time and I am so excited that he is getting married. I’m even more excited that I completely adore his fiance! It is wonderful to be a part of something so happy and magical and seeing such a dear friend happier than I have ever seen him is a gift straight from God!

Monica and I got to have a slumber party and it was such a fun time to catch up. We found ourselves wondering when life got so complicated! We used to hang out several times a week and almost every weekend.We had a large group of friends and were always having fun all around the metroplex. We laughed all the time doing whatever we wanted and thought we had it all figured out. When did illness become such a prominent part of our lives? A few things have lasted in this friendship, our love for Christ and each other, and our desire to laugh together despite the time and distance between us.

Dallas Day 7 – Pick up Daddy! YEAH!

I was happy to have a few more hours with Monica before she had to head out. She has a long battle and recovery ahead of her and I ask that you join me in prayers for her. You can feel very alone when battling cancer I’m sure!

We picked Daddy up from the airport and headed to Braums for a little summer treat! If we could just trade Dallas one HEB for one Braums everyone would be happy!

Samuel was sure he had to have this huge ice cream because it was ONLY $1.79!

Yeah! Mint chocolate chip!

The boys were so excited to see their Daddy! They were in serious need of some roughhousing! They had a hard time letting Daddy rest for his 50k that started at midnight! The few hours we had went by really fast and Noah was packed and ready to run.

He finished his race in 4:57!

Momma and I had a great night tonight. We stayed up until 3:00 am just talking and having fun. I had such a great time trying on her vintage clothes, especially her prom dress that fit perfectly. I was really craving this one on one time without the help of little boys. Being tired was worth the fun memories made this night. Being with Monica reminded me once again that life is just to short to not enjoy all the blessing we have.

Last Day in Dallas

Noah got in early and Isaiah was so excited to have him here for breakfast. unfortunately Noah was exhausted from his race and the boys were not going to let him rest! We had a lot of packing up to do and then headed to our friends Ryan and Venus’ house for lunch. It’s always so great having time with old friends. Usually our trips are so rushed we don’t have time to see anyone. The boys had such a fun time roughhousing with Uncle Ryan and it wore them out for the five hour drive back home. After a quick stop at Buccees for dipping dots and clean bathrooms we finally made it back to our own beds.


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