Daddy & Son Water FUN!

Every time we go to the Children’s Museum Samuel wants to spend hours at the outside water play area. That is fine in the fall, but in the summer it is just to hot! I knew this was something the boys could create at home, we just never did. A few weeks ago as I was reading through a stack of magazines pinning what I wanted to my Pinterest boards, I came across this “Do it Yourself” article to build one of these:

I showed my plan to Noah and on the 4th of July he decided to try the project with the boys. Daddy has had just as much fun making all the pieces as the boys have had adding them on. He started with just a few pieces.

And has added more each time they run to Home Depot. He got a long piece of pipe and cut it in different lengths and then drilled holes in different places for the boys to see how the pressure changes when you add different pieces. He’s spent about $40 so far and I’m on the lookout for clear pipe to be able to add colors and items in the pipes to see how they travel.

They love to fill up bottles and pour them out, and I love that my garden is getting watered thoroughly! (As well as my back and head when I’m weeding!) They have made some pretty interesting creations including a large geyser, a sprinkler, a pool filler and water fountain.

It really has provided hours of entertainment and each time they get new ideas for other inventions. Samuel Captain Color likes to pretend it’s his lab and each tube has a different chemical to make invention like yummy food that won’t me sick and cures for cancer. I love that kids so much! His side kick, Captain Kookeyhead makes things a little more simple like tea for mommy and grass soup. It warms my heart that my boys have active imaginations!

It’s great to have a project they both enjoy the requires teamwork and concentration. I have really enjoyed watching them build a relationship again this summer after Samuel being gone so much during the school year. I am really looking forward to homeschool this year and many more projects and much more bonding with my boys! (That’s our pomegranate tree we planted last year in the background. We have ONE fruit on it already!)

When they’re not inside building with Legos, you can guarantee that they are out back playing in the newly upgraded Worley Water Park complete with a sandbox, kiddie pool, sprinkler, basketball goal, T-Ball and lots of water toys! Our yard may be tiny, but they don’t notice!


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