Gearing Up For The Olympics

We’ve been having a great time getting ready to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tonight. I’ve searched Pinterest for all my snack and craft ideas and the boys are enjoying the fruits of my labor.

We started by making our Official Worley Olympic shirts.

I used Solo cups and Isaiah painted the rim

and pressed them on the shirt.

If you try this, give the cup a little twist before you lift it off or it sheds small particles of paint on your shirt.

Samuel decided to go free hand on his shirt.

Then we had some messy painting time and the boys set up a gallery for Daddy to view when he arrived for Family Fun Olympic Night.

We enjoyed homemade pizza with homemade sauce  and fresh mozzarella. I placed the pepperoni in the shape of Olympic rings. I didn’t take into consideration turkey pepperoni curls up. I should have taken a before picture.

For our side dish I made watermelon and Jello stars, with white chocolate covered strawberries and blueberries.

I completed the ambiance with a simple red and blue table.

It was interesting to watch the opening ceremonies with the boys. Samuel stayed interested for the most part but when the rap music started, the crazy started at our house. Samuel was having fun playing in his big box which he drew the Olympic rings on. Isaiah made a hop scotch out of all the coach pillows and ran a few laps around the house. Then he decided he would start practicing for the high dive.

I promise he does wear clothes, just not at home.

I really enjoyed the opening ceremonies. I think they did I really great job and I can’t imagine all the work that went into that. I have to admit I need to brush up on my history, but it was still a great performance. I love seeing all the different outfits, and there are always a few countries I have to Google. I personally didn’t care for the USA hats myself, but I guess Ralph Lauren knew what he was doing. I love the unity felt even from our own livingroom. I look forward to watching the games this week.

I am excited for an old acquaintance of mine that I knew when I lived in Iowa; Derek Miles. This is his third olympics in Pole Vaulting and I’m praying it’s his turn for the Gold. Derek and I used to work together at the Hilton while he was studying his undergrad at the University of South Dakota. We mostly worked the graveyard shift together and would have the best times trying to stay awake after being in classes all day. There was another guy that worked in maintenance and he would fire up the grill and make us all fattening meals. Derek and I would get pillowcases and slide down the escalators on quiet nights. We of course have lost track of each other over the years, but I’m still excited for him! You can cheer him on at!/pages/Derek-Miles-Fan-Page/258440237524316

Stay tuned for the Worley Olympic Games next week, but first we have to make a quick stop to see some elephants.


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