The Lego Cake

Our Church offers really fun family events on Sunday evenings in the summer. This past week was The Men’s Cake Bake. Noah has never baked a cake in his life, so I suggested he give this a try. He’s a pretty creative guy when he puts his mind to something. He had approximately six hours to come up with a theme, bake, and decorate his cake using only what we had on hand. To make this challenge even more exciting, he invited Samuel to be on his team, which of course meant Isaiah wanted in on it also!

He decided to make a sour cream chocolate cake with homemade whipped cream and crushed Oreos. Can you say YUMMY! I didn’t get to try it for obvious reasons, but all who did had great things to say. Noah himself, a self-proclaimed cake snob even enjoyed it.

The only cakes Noah has ever really enjoyed was our wedding cakes. We find it great fun to sample cakes at weddings, at least we did. I’ll have to pass this tradition on to the boys now. I surprised him with a cake from this same bakery for his Deacon Ordination. I thought we would have this great tradition of getting all our kids birthday and special occasion cakes from there. I didn’t figure in the fact we’d move over an hour away! If you’re in the College Station area, you’ll have to stop by Rose Cottage Creations and have some cake with Kay for us!

Noah decided to do a Lego themed cake which fits perfect right now since the boys have been Lego crazed ever since our Legoland trip. If you look closely you can see Lego people slaying worms, worms getting the upper hand on the Lego people and Lego explorers surveying the scene.

The boys were excited to win an award and apron for Creativity. The fun was expanded outside where they we able to sit in a race car for the first time.

Then hopped onto a four-wheeler,

Then, Mr. Tom’s super shiney Harley!

There is no end to the fun to be had by the Worley boys this summer!


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