The Greatest Show on Earth!

We always talk about taking our boys to the circus, and then we look at ticket prices and because Dave Ramsey has us on a strict budget, we always reason ourselves out of it. This time, we just went for it! It was really expensive to us, $116 for 4 tickets WITH the Chick-Fil-A discount. There are three charges added on just ordering your tickets. Add on $10 for parking, $14 for the program and $14 for cotton candy, and it is an expensive 3 1/2 hours. I was skeptical to say the least. In the past when we have paid large entrance fees, we have left a bit frustrated because the boys have not enjoyed it as much as we had hoped.

This day was completely different. A few days before we went, I took the boys to the grocery store with me. I always involve them in the shopping experience, but this time I had them compare prices and make choices. It’s nice that even at this age they are starting to grasp how money works. We had a new level of difficulty added when they had to keep track of the 10 for 10 items to get the additional discount which would allow them to purchase an additional 5 bags of Goldfish and still stay under our $150 goal.

at the checkout they watched the total and Isaiah was counting all the items. We ended up paying just under $150. When I explained that was what we paid for groceries for over a week, and that is also what it costs to go to the circus their perspective changed. My sensible Samuel decided he didn’t need to go to the circus and wanted to know, “Why do the mean people have to charge so much for everything?” He is sure he will do everything free for everyone when he’s an adult. I never want my children to worry about adult responsibilities, but I also want them to respect the gifts given to them. Samuel decided that since he’s seen the circus on tv, he doesn’t need to go to one because, “They’re just weird anyway.” After a long question answer sessions we decided to go to the circus.

I wanted the memories of this day to start as soon as they woke up. I made clown hats for their breakfast.

These were super easy. I had gluten-free cupcakes in the freezer that I frosted with Nutella and then stuck on a sugar cone (bought to be used as Olympic torches), glued some Fruit Loops (bought to be used as Olympic rings) on with Nutella and stuck a gum drop (left over from Science week) on top. F-U-N!

We headed for the circus about 90 minutes early so we could go onto the floor and see the animals. Since we had just seen Madagascar 3 they were expecting to see the zebra, hippo, giraffe and loin.

Checking out the elephants

Samuel climbing the gate to go hug a white tiger that looks like his stuffed “guy”.

We had talked to the boys before we went in and explained there would be all kinds of shiny, flashy and sugary things and they would both be able to pick one thing. I had no idea what this was going to look like in action, but I was hopeful. I was so thankful that neither of them asked for anything except to split a cotton candy because I would have caved, they were being so good. Samuel loved all these little fun facts  about the animals. There was one sign about “saving the elephants” and Samuel said, “Mommy, I didn’t know they played football, had the rodeo and circus AND saved dying elephants here!”

There were several activities going on simultaneously on the floor while we there.

Silly Clowns!

Samuel was absolutely cracking up (in his loud boisterous Samuel way) at the clowns. When they threw underwear out of the ring, I thought he was going to pee his pants. What is it with boys and underwear?

The acrobats were fun to watch,

While Isaiah was getting his tatoo.

And what’s a circus without Asia the painting elephant?

I just want to look like her…

Then we headed up to our seats to watch the show.

We got to watch a great show on TV with the opening ceremonies last night, and now a great show in person! Samuel debated it being the Greatest Show on Earth since we have not seen every show on earth, but I think he left a believer.

The Worley’s can be a little silly!

We brought four of these noses home. I will have to find someway to use this in Love and Logic this week.

The boys were so excited when the man came right to our seats with his pole full of cotton candy!

I’ll take pink!

I’ll take yellow!

I brought my own snack (which is strongly discouraged!) Thankfully the lady at the gate didn’t care to check my purse because it was weighted down with Goldfish, juice boxes, water, organic lollipops and a Larabar.

Which got yoddelnapped by one Captain Kookyhead! I am excited to have a new snack to add to the rotation.

The show was really great. The boys stared with amazed faces as they tried to watch all three rings at once. I don’t think there was anything they didn’t like. You couldn’t pull their attention off the high wire and they were intrigued but the glow in the dark stilt walkers. The twin turbines of steel kept them on the edge of their seats and Samuel is still trying to figure out the Science behind The Human Fuse. They set a man on fire and catapulted him more than 100 feet across the arena floor from a gigantic crossbow. Not crazy at all!

The elephants are always so amazing to me!

There was a little side-show going on in front of us. A lady seated three rows down was there with her daughter who could not have been any older than Isaiah. She left her seat and left her daughter there watching the show. About 20 minutes later, the lady in front of us was so fuming mad she went and got an usher and explained what was going on. The usher took the girl (who had no idea what was going on) out of the section and about 15 minutes later returned with just the little girl and sat with her until her mom came back with her friends she was apparently going to get, somewhere. This was the point I figured out what had just taken place.

The lady right in front of us was MAD! She let her have it and the mom of the little girl acted like she had no idea why this was wrong. She claimed she was just at the top of the stairs…uhm really? Then why didn’t you see the usher come out carrying your daughter? As the lady was reaming this mom, the mom replied, “I’m so sorry you’re having such a bad day. I hope your day gets better.” I thought her head was going to explode! I just don’t understand people. She was a really cute little girl. I felt bad she was caught in the crosswind.

I know we play around with our kids and tell them we’re going to sell them to the circus if they don’t behave. I think we’re going to have to find a new thing to tell them because I believe (especially Isaiah) would go in a second now! All joking aside, these people are really talented and their schedule is intense with back to back shows and travel. The boys are still talking about it singing, “Fire it up!”

This was worth the money spent for sure! Today (3 days later) I asked the boys what their favorite part of the circus was. Isaiah said, “You know, the crazy guys with the flip-flopped shoes that glow in the dark.” Samuel said, “The crazy clown that was swinging on the lightbulb and fell down every time. And then when they put the UV lights on!” My favorite part was the happy memories made that will last a lifetime!


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