2012 Christmas Letter


My favorite Super Heros! Captain Color and Captain Kookeyhead.

It would seem that when you send out approximately 100 Christmas cards telling your loved ones they can keep up with your family via your blog….you should probably update your blog! So here I go, finally carving out some time in my day to fulfill my passion for writing again. This feels so incredibly good that I just may not leave the computer for days! Oh wait…what’s that noise…that would be the boys fighting over a slinky. Yes friends…this is my reality. Finding uninterrupted time to write when you’re a homeschool mom feels like a huge accomplishment. So, please forgive my incomplete sentences and the wrong use of the words “their,” “there” and “they’re,” and just focus on the BIG picture! I promise I’m teaching it correctly to the little ones.


We took a super fun trip to the midwest to visit family.

Where do I start? I guess the biggest change in our lives; we are now a homeschool family. The first few months were a lot harder than I thought they would be. I really thought we’d just go back to doing things the way we did before Samuel went to Kindergarten and I was wrong. It was difficult for the boys to focus because we were home, difficult for me to accomplish what I wanted because we were cramped at a six foot table in a cluttered room, and frustrating for all of us while we worked out the kinks. I’m happy to report things are MUCH better now!


Having fun in our school room.

The boys stay busy outside of the house also. They continue to take Tae Kwon Do together and Samuel is preparing to test for his next belt. Samuel started piano and he loves it. He is also doing Science Club and Chess Club once a month. They both play soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and T-ball in the spring. They continue to attend church and Sunday school, and love memorizing their verses for AWANA. That on top of our field trips and travel to see family keeps us happily engaged in life outside of Worley Academy.


Isaiah being silly and Samuel being serious after their Saturday morning soccer games.

Noah is still working hard in development and started the new year with several new projects after a tough second half of 2012. He also continues to run marathons and is currently training for both a 50 mile run in Huntsville and a 24 hour relay from Gonzales to Independence, Texas. He is always coaching at least one of the boys’ sports teams, but usually both, and still plays the drums and serves as a Deacon at our Church. He is helping out in Isaiah’s Cubbies class for AWANA after 3 years of doing recreation time. We just celebrated 10 year of marriage and he still tells me he loves me several times a day.

Noah and Nate gave each other mohawks before the Houston Marathon.

Noah and Nate gave each other mohawks before the Houston Marathon.

I have been on quite a journey this year! After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder followed by pretty crazy food allergies, I went on a pilgrimage to get healthy. Now that I follow a strict Paleo diet, get a good amount of sleep, and keep my stress level in check, I feel healthy again and I finally have my energy back. I am doing my first 5K with a group of girls in February and I am so excited to show this disease whose boss! It hasn’t been easy, but I’ll write more about that journey in others posts with some of my favorite recipes. (As well as my post about turning the BIG 4-0!) In my spare time I’ve been getting the house decorated and working on my scrapbooks. I even read a few books that didn’t have anything to do with parenting, being a better anything or homeschool. It was delightful. I’m obviously the head teacher at Worley Academy and I lead Samuel’s SPARKS class at AWANA. Other than that I just fill in where I’m needed.


Homeschool on the front lawn.

So this is us in a condensed Christmas type letter. But don’t be fooled, there is much more to come.

I LOVE to be Silly!

I LOVE to be Silly!


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  1. Hi! It is so nice reading your blog and seeing those handsome boys of yours! 2012 was such a year of change (your health, homeschooling, your big birthday and friends moving) but God gave you such strength and wisdom to handle everything gracefully. God has blessed you greatly, friend!
    I cannot wait to see you in a few short weeks and spend some quality time together! Much Love, Tracie

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