Moon Sand Afternoon

Soft, silky moon sand.

Soft, silky moon sand.

I wrote this post on October 5th!! I don’t have a headache anymore but besides that…I’ve grown content with my house not being in perfect order all the time. I did see a sign that said that said, “Please excuse the mess my kids are making memories” and I loved it! Can someone please  make that for my entry because I just can’t seem to get it done! I was reminded that I never published this when I was looking for the boys crocs and went outside to find they were STILL covered in moon sand! Have we really not used them since October? It also gave me the idea to pull the moon sand back out and add some glitter for Texas Snow Week! Day one was so much fun. I’m excited to share it with you next week! Until then we’ll keep catching up on LAST year!

Messy boy time.

Messy boys = Happy boys!

Every once in a while I just have to stop school mode and get some things done. Today was that day. The sink was full of dishes, laundry was piled up, and even the clean, folded clothes had jumped out of their neat piles on the living room floor where they had quite happily resigned for weeks. This destruction was thanks to two 3-year-old feet that think it’s more fun than a pile of leaves to play in. One of these days I will take before and after pictures. I do a really good job at ignoring the large list of things building up that needs to be done, but today I just felt like the house was closing in on me! I hit the ground running, which isn’t unlike most mornings, but this time it was to make a ‘To Do’ list of all the errands, shopping and cleaning that needed to be done so we could tackle it with a time sensitive plan. The worst part of the whole thing is I have had a constant headache for 5 days now and at this point it has shortened my fuse to a small little nub. This isn’t your usual headache, this is one that wakes you up in the middle of the night. There is so much pain, banging my head against the wall seems like it would feel good. Thankfully, after days of stretching and a bottle of ibuprofen, I think I finally got the kink out of my neck, I hope. (I did find out this was caused by my eyes and I finally have new glasses that solved this problem!)

We started the day with a happy stop to Hobby Lobby and looked at the Christmas decorations. I figured we all needed to stop and breath or the day could quickly be full of all of snapping at each other and that was not going to help me tackle my plan. I know this annoys a lot of you, but we have been listening to Christmas music for no less than 8 weeks already and we are excited about the season. (We are listening to it again for snow week, wink wink) I have more crafts and activities planned than we will ever possibly accomplish, unless we don’t sleep, and my family is very grouchy without sleep! If you need some great Christmas ideas (or any other homeschool ideas) be sure to check out my Pinterest boards. When I haven’t been able to sleep I have been pinning like a maniac! (Both boys were sick on and off from Thanksgiving to New Years so I didn’t get it all done, but there is a lot!)

Anyway, We went grocery shopping and I did use this stop as a school opportunity. We found shapes, colors, words, and numbers. They took turns estimating weights and pushing the numbers to print the produce labels. I’m proud to announce my  boys can now hop on one foot down an entire aisle. I figured we may as well get in some PE at the same time. They learned to walk backwards, roll cans down the aisle trying to keep them straight and ride the cart holding on to the side. I had absolutely no regard to anyone else we may have been annoying in the store. HEB was our schoolroom and playground today and nobody seemed to mind. (I’ll probably be out somewhere and overhear someone talking about the underqualified mom at HEB Friday! Why didn’t I take pictures?)

When we got home and unloaded it was after 1:00 and nothing good happens in school when you start that late, so I declared it a craft day. I gave them glue, paper, scissors and other random supplies and told them to “create.” They made all kinds of creations for almost 2 hours. When it started involving step ladders and ceiling fans I decided it was time to change gears and we headed outside (where I quickly wondered what happened to our fall weather) and made moon sand. It’s a very simple recipe of 5 cups flour to 1 cup baby oil. I’m sure regular oil would work, but this smells so good and so silky smooth. I knew from our prior experience with flour during Science Week, that the boys where going to love making a big fat mess, which is why we took school outside this afternoon!

Isaiah's imagination was captured.

Isaiah’s imagination was captured.

Completely intrigued for hours.

Completely intrigued for hours.

Isaiah was engaged for about 45 minutes, but then the fact he hasn’t been in bed before 10:00pm the past two nights and was still up with the roosters, combined with no nap today resulted in this:

Moon Sand snowball fight!

Moon Sand snowball fight!

Moon sand everywhere!

Moon sand everywhere!

I had to put Isaiah down for a nap at 4:00 knowing I’ll be sorry when it’s bedtime tonight, but like I admitted earlier my fuse is short with this crazy headache, it was in his best interest! (He NEVER fell asleep!) Samuel on the other hand couldn’t get enough of this tactile mess and stayed out playing another hour while I actually had a chance to recover some surfaces in my house. Has it really been over two months since I took some time to myself to blog…why yes it has. He was so sweet trying to clean up the aftermath of the Zaiahtornado, but again, reality parenting tells me I have to follow through and have Isaiah clean up his own tornado. Ugh… (Yeah…this never happened as is proven by the crocs incident today…)

So moon sand day turned into make our own bathtub paints night so we could then clean off the head to toe flour and baby oil. I thought I had a picture, but apparently I was too busy to take them on this October day! It was a simple recipe. I bought shaving cream at the dollar store, sprayed it in a silicon muffin tin and added a drop of food coloring to each of the six spots. I gave him some different size paint brushes he was busy for an hour! It cost $1.00 and cleaning up was part of the fun when I gave him a spray bottle full of water.

TODAY: I laugh because it was three more months after writing that post that I would actually get the pictures downloaded and get it posted. Guess what? My house looks just like that again, my list is of things ‘To Do’ is to long for one notebook page and somehow I’ve grown used to it. As long as my kitchen counters are clean, I can handle anything! I am blessed!


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