When the Days Seem Long


Christmas Eve 2012

This week started a new schedule at Worley Academy and I wasn’t sure I could pull it all off while still cooking healthy meals three times a day and sleeping at night. So far, I have been able to manage and actually still have a few seconds to blog. BUT, I could really use a housekeeper because that has been at the bottom of the priority list. I still invite you stop by, just expect to be handed a dusting cloth or toilet brush while we chat. I will admit right now that I am GLUED to my schedule. I spent a long time planning it very carefully making sure there was time for snacks, breaks and naps. I planned the meals and did all the shopping to avoid meal time meltdown (by me!) I’m not saying I’ve perfected it in one week, I forgot the boys underwear after swim lessons the other day and I picked the wrong week to start back training at the gym because I can no longer sit without pain. But, it’s working out and I’ve avoided another phone massacre so far. DSCN8930The last time I got this busy, I put the phone on the bumper of the van while I was pulling weeds in the flower beds (oohhhh a lawn guy to go with the housekeeper would be really good!) and I forgot about it. I had put dinner in the oven and went out for “just a few minutes.” About 45 minutes later Isaiah went inside for something and came out to tell me something was beeping in the kitchen. I forgot all about dinner! Thankfully it was fine. The phone however was left on the bumper and the crazier news…I didn’t even realize it until Noah brought it in TWO days later mangled! Isaiah was very sad at this pathetic phone! Samuel reminded me it could have been worse. The phone was put in the trash never to be brought up again! The flower beds are once again full of weeds if anyone’s bored.


Today we had a quick school morning before Tae Kwon Do. As I was watching Isaiah do his forms at three years old I was suddenly teleported back in time to when Samuel started Tae Kwon Do at age three. Samuel never wanted to listen to Master Vigil and spent a lot of time in push up position those first few months. He still doesn’t “want” to listen, but in his three years under the same Master he has learned discipline and self-control. One place Samuel has made huge strides since last year is in his ability to have respect for authority. Where most children have this innately, Samuel has had to work very hard to learn this behavior.  Isaiah on the other hand instantly wants to please everyone and has his feelings hurt when he doesn’t measure up to his potential. Samuel got the news today that he wasn’t quite ready to test for his next belt on Saturday. A year ago that comment would have been met with frustration, back talk and a bad attitude. Today he was obedient and accepted what his Master was encouraging him to work on. I can’t even tell you how proud I was of him. I was equally as proud of Isaiah who instantly encouraged Samuel and told him, “Don’t worry Samuel, I’ll practice with you everyday.” THIS is what makes my heart skip a beat! I know this may sound crazy, but I think, for this very second I have finally found enough things to keep Samuel both stimulated and happy. He is challenged both mentally in school and physically in his activities and he is happy.


We then headed over to their first tennis lessons (it’s 80 degrees here today so it was a perfect day for the courts!) I’m so thrilled we found another sport the boys will really enjoy. I have to admit this makes me happy because I love tennis and found myself wondering why we never get out and play anymore. As I was standing on the other side of the court from them, a vision flew through my mind of our family playing tennis together, only they were teenagers! As I sat and thought about it, I was happy at the thought of having things in common with my sons. I know they’ll have things I won’t be involved in and I’m good with that, but having something other than eating in common with them will be wonderful. I’m thankful to be in Texas where we can play year round. Although we may have 9:00 pm matches in the summer!


These two experiences first thing in the morning made me a little emotional. I guess it has been on my mind as I gave away my maternity clothes and have been packing up all the baby things to give away for good this time. I’m not sad about not having another baby, I just want to embrace these “lasts” as much as I embraced their “firsts” if that makes sense. The other day I was thinking how I hold my boys hands at different times. There is only time before that will just not be cool anymore. I love their sweet little hands right now! Or sitting in my lap, or wanting me to sleep beside them, or kissing and hugging me in public. There ARE times were I want them to just STOP touching me, but then there are times I just want to snuggle them like crazy. Isaiah keeps telling me he wants to stay little forever. I’m glad he’s in a happy place in his little life right now.


As all this was swirling around in my head I remembered this poem I read somewhere at some point and thought I’d share it:

For life is short, the years rush past.

A little boy grows up so fast.

No longer is he at your side,

His precious secrets to confide.

The picture books are put away.

There are no more games to play.

No goodnight kiss, No prayers to hear –

That all belongs to yesteryear.

My hands once busy but now lie still.

The days are long and hard to fill.

I wish I might go back and do,

The little things you asked me to.


I spend my fair amount of time being frustrated at the messes, the fighting, the complaining, and getting out of bed at night. Then one way or another I’m always reminded that I may actually miss this one day…



3 responses

  1. You do a wonderful job of laying your thoughts onto paper, Debbie. I enjoy reading about your days. I marvel that you find tine to blog and pictures to embelish the pages! Thank you.

    Love, Carol

  2. Yup, now I’m bawlin’. Loved the poem. I get a moment ever now and then to “check in” -is good to “see” you. 🙂
    Continue to take care, Julie (Emma’s momma)

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