The Love Bugs Are Back!


February 2011…He likes Valentine’s Day much more now!

I love fun traditions with the boys, I’m sure you’ve figured that out already. It does take time and effort and there has been the occasional 3:00 am wake-up panic when I’ve forgotten to leave a note or something. But it’s so worth the memories and happiness it brings them. One of my favorites (they’re ALL my favorites!) is the Love Bugs! On January 31st we get the Love Bug Hotel ready in preparation for the Love Bugs, Philos & Agape to come and stay with us for 14 days. I gave Samuel a shoe box and some simple craft supplies we had hanging around and he spent a long time making their hotel with a landing strip and fluffy King sized beds. He decorate the outside with gems that sparkle with the Valentine’s Day lights on the mantel. He really thought it through, and he was four! Each year they make some minor improvements.  The little white pieces of paper are specialty art work added by Isaiah. This year he started asking about the Love Bugs much earlier.


The Love Bug Hotel. Nu-Nu found this love bug for them the first year.

I originally read about the love bugs in a magazine and fell in “love” with the idea. With the excitement of Christmas and all the decorations and activity from October to January, Samuel was having a hard time transitioning when it was time to take all the decorations down and clean up. Isaiah is having the same feelings now that he is three. Where I see it as a good break and an opportunity to clean and purge, they see it as a sad, boring time. So we both get what we want! I get to clean and purge and they have another fun activity to anticipate.

The first time the Love Bugs came they left a journal for the boys to communicate with them. They ask all kinds of questions about the Philos and Agape and the bugs answer them and ask questions back. It’s been a really great resource to get them thinking and using their imagination. We’ve learned some really neat facts like they live in a very magical place where everything is happy and loving. It is fun to ask the boys what they think that place would be like each year. There responses change as they grow.

Philos and Agape only come to our house because Samuel and Isaiah are so special. There are trillions of Love Bugs that travel all over the world and they never get old, as long as they are sharing God’s love with others. Their magical land is not a place humans can visit because you have to go through the meteor shower, but the boys can travel with them in their imagination anytime. They have 2 legs and 2 arms and very sparkly wings.

Philos and Agape know how to swim, so they can travel to us even if it rains. They don’t however like to travel in the snow because it freezes their wings. Philos likes cookies and sweethearts, Agape likes strawberries and chocolate. The big questions was HOW these tiny love bugs bring their gifts each night. The Love Bugs had to think quick on that one. It seems they don’t actually “carry” the gifts with them. They have magic Love Bug wands that they use to sprinkle Love Bug dust over their special boxes. Only sometimes the gifts are bigger than they thought! Isaiah’s favorite gift so far are these Love Bug gummie pops. He is really hoping the Love Bugs can bring them again this year!

Last year they left us the supplies to make these Valentine placemats.

DSCN6783 DSCN6784

The boys never see Philos & Agape because they fly in late at night and have to leave early in the morning to get back home. They like to set up their Valentine blanket and read books by the fire most nights to see if Philos and Agape will show up before bed time. That hasn’t happened yet, but we’re still hopeful!


They do have quite a flight and they’re pretty small. Last year Samuel wanted to know how they got here so they left him this map.


One of the other things I did last year was a “Heart Attack” where I left a heart on the boy’s doors each night with a word that represents them.


Isaiah’s Door


Samuel’s Door

This all comes to an end on Valentine’s Day were some Valentine Bugs make a trail from their room to the fireplace where the love bugs leave them a basket of loot. It is usually simple school supplies or little things they have mentioned they like that they didn’t get for Christmas.


The final day until next year.


This has been fun! I even have friends that give me things to give the boys from the Love Bugs!


Samuel’s first Love Bug basket.

This year we get to have an entire week of Valentine’s Day themed F-U-N! I love homeschool! I’ve pinned lots of great food ideas and crafts and even some fun candy math games. You can find it all on my Kid’s Healthy Food and Valentine’s Day boards on Pinterest. ENJOY! I need to figure out how to add a Pinterest widget….


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