The Little Red Hen

This week is really busy at Worley Academy. We will kick off our Valentine themed unit and progress in our study of the Skeletal System. I’ve added extra crafts and activities to our week which I know will take extra time, but we lost time with Isaiah being sick all last week. We also have a field trip to hear the orchestra which Samuel is thrilled about because it’s JUST him and I, AND he’s been studying and listening to the orchestra since he was three! It’s also Paleo DONUT week! I am testing out a new donut recipe each morning for breakfast. Today was carrot cake and can I say YUMTASTIC! I’ll share all the successes and failures next week. I was reading blog comments and someone asked, “Aren’t Paleo treats supposed to be a very occasional things?” We will NEVER be friends! Unless of course you define “very occasional” as whenever I’m hungry, then I’ll consider a friendship. That comment is just absurd. Live a little already.

The Love Bugs were not able to find the exact same lollipop as last year. They THOUGHT they found a good substitute…no at ALL! This cute marshmallow pop caused a complete meltdown!


Nice try Love Bugs!

I wanted to yell back since I got the same response for his gift yesterday, but I honed in on my good parenting skills and threatened him instead. The Love Bugs just may not be bringing him a gift tonight. They may even leave a note telling him a thing or two and leave a gift for me! Okay…so I WANTED to do that, but I actually patiently talked to him about receiving gifts graciously even if they don’t meet your expectations. Maybe the Love Bugs will bring me something one day for defending them.

Samuel on the other hand has loved everything he’s received. Today his Love Bug box had a heart full of Skittles with graphing papers and markers. Color that kid HAPPY! He went to sorting and graphing like a champion. Do you think he even realizes it’s school? NOPE! This is so exciting to him. The Skittles however are still sitting in a pile because he has figured out each one has about a gram of dye and that is not good for you. I LOVE that he knows his limits…most of the time.


Graphing my Skittles.

Knowing I would not have time to blog at length, I prepared a week of posts this weekend on our Fairy Tale Unit from September. It’s not earth shattering, but it was really fun and each story has a wonderful object lesson. There’s also the sweet fact it will all be in one place when we review it again.

We kicked off Fairy Tale Week with The Little Red Hen. I was having some trouble teaching the boys how to work together as a team so we can all reap the benefits. This was a wonderful way to explain it to them without them even knowing! Here are a few of the books we used. Remember, this all took place in September so I’m sure I’m forgetting some details 🙂

Product Details

This was a good book from the library with most of our fairy tales.

Product Details

The copy we have was free in a kids meal!

Product Details

This was the favorite version of the story.

Product Details

but, THIS was the favorite book all around!

Product Details

We liked the pictures in this one. Samuel mastered the word,”abstract.”

We watched several YouTube versions of the story.

Then we moved on to crafts and activities.


We made puppets and the boys took turns being each character and telling the story in their funniest voices.


Isaiah worked on colors and writing.


Then they drew their version of the story. I let Isaiah paste the main points on his abstract drawing.


Samuel did a great job illustrating his own story.


Then we had some kitchen fun making Paleo pumkin bread.


We each took turns working together to mix all the ingredients.


Ready for the oven. And by ALL means Debbie, don’t take a picture of yourself enjoying this sweet treat!


Isaiah loved telling the flannel board story in his own way. In his version everyone was helping nicely and shared the bread.

We added all of these things to our first lapbook. I learned a lot making this first one. The next one will be much better!

Somehow doing this post makes me feel like we didn’t do much. But getting all the supplies together, making the flannel board and doing anything in the kitchen with both boys takes some time, trust me! And, like I said the lesson of Mommy doing everything while others sit and watch television or play video games was one that had to be learned! They have been known to turn away from me after given a task to complete and say under their breath, “Why do I have to do all the work.” This fairy tale will be repeated until Team Worley morale improves.


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