Our Date & The Three Little Pigs


Samuel and I had our date to the orchestra today. I was very excited to spend some time alone with him. We don’t do it enough these days and I miss it…even more than I knew until today. I have to admit I found myself getting choked up watching the pure contentment on his face. You know that feeling when you’re waiting for news and then you get it and it’s better than you thought it would be? That second when you take that deep breath in and let out a long sigh of relief. At that exact time this feeling comes over you as your heart starts slowing back to a normal beat. I’m sure there is some medical  name for it, but this feeling just comes over you. It’s a mix of joy and relief intertwined with some contentment and numbness. THAT was what his face looked like. I wish I could have taken a picture, but no photos are allowed in the theater and as much I wanted that moment recorded, I didn’t want to ruin the moment for him either. In a flash I thought about how frustrated we get with him when he plays soccer. He just hums all the time soaring around the field with his arms out, usually in the opposite direction of the ball and the rest of the kids. Or how he turns into a different kid as soon as it’s time to play basketball and all of sudden can’t control his flailing arms and compulsive movements. We get so angry because it appears he’s not trying and he’s just in his own world. But then there was today, where he was surrounded by beautiful music and he was able to connect what is always going on in head with what he could hear AND see at the same time. I was speechless. Thank you Mercury for bringing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to life for him!


Now back to last year:

Our second fairy tale was The Three Little Pigs and this was the favorite all around. I believe it’s because we found so many fun versions of the story as well as great supplies. We even had piggy wash cloth puppets for the bath. I love when a lesson comes together in lots of unrelated ways.

Adding themes to some weeks has really been helpful in my effort to teach both preschool to Isaiah and grade school to Samuel. We’re having so much fun with this, and although it does take a fair amount of preparation, it gives me an excuse to spend countless hours building my homeschool boards on Pinterest! There are so many great books for the Three Little Pigs that have different endings, points of view and fun pictures. Here are the few I picked:

Product Details

I LOVE Steven Kellogg’s books. This was Samuel’s favorite book where the pigs make pancakes.

Product Details

This one was silly.

Product Details

This one was from the Wolf’s point of view. Great change of perspective. We got the video from the library also.

Product Details

In this version the pigs capture the wolf and make him do tricks.

Product Details

This book was fun because it brings in other fairy tale characters.

Product Details

Of course this one again.

I found lots of good ideas for the Three Little Pigs and it was hard to choose only a few!


We started the day with Piggy bagels.


Isaiah thought his Piggy was cute to eat.


We decided to read a few books outside because it was so nice and we CAN!


Then we decided to enjoy some freeze pops while we read on the lawn. Because we CAN!


The shade eventually moved and we decided to head inside to do some school work.


We had fun dressing up like the fox and pigs and running around the house to tell the story.


I decided to dress like the fox while I fed my little piggies lunch.


My cute little piggy.

After lunch, the boys wanted to build a fort. I gave them pillows, cardboard blocks and blankets to tie on chairs and they had a blast! Then I added flash lights and snacks to the fun and all was right in their world.

  We did a few lessons:

        * sorting animals, food & people into groups

        * answering riddles

        * making pictures with stickers

        * recognizing the difference between real and fake (what animals can and can’t really do)

        * the importance of telling the truth and what a lie is.

        * how different people can view the exact same event in different ways

Then we decided we needed a fun snack. When Samuel helped me plan this lesson he thought we should build houses. What a great idea! I bought some graham crackers and we used strawberry cream cheese as the cement. We added chow mein noodles for the straw, pretzels for the sticks and cut fruit leather for the bricks.


Isaiah wasn’t quite as precise as Samuel.


Cutting the fruit leather was difficult for them because it’s so sticky which is what I wanted to bring home the point the easiest way isn’t always the best way.


Oinkity, Oink Oink.


Samuel was a little more precise in his houses.

We ended with a few YouTube Videos:




This link below is a puppet show and the boys felt lead to do their own after watching it. I didn’t get pictures because I was making dinner. I think I made pork loin…that made me laugh…get it? I added this all to our fairy tale lapbook.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWwbXRA__g8 It really was cute to listen them as they played through several different versions.

The boys play the little piggy game all the time. Now they have their own house to play in!


This was the BEST purchase for $7.00 at Michael’s!


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