The New Gas Station &The Elves & The Shoemaker

This is not actually our store, but it looks the same!

There’s a new gas station that just opened on the way to our house. We pass it almost everyday and the boys ALWAYS beg to stop. We’ve watched it be built from the very beginning. I have no idea what their fascination is with a gas station store, but they want to go really bad. I, on the other hand see no reason to pay double what I wouldn’t even pay normally for junk food. BUT, every once in a while when they are being my precious little angels I surprise them. This happened yesterday when I took them to stripes, finally. Let me set the scene for you…it’s a gas station store. This is no Bucces or anything, it’s a simple (yet VERY clean and new) gas station store. Samuel walked right up to the counter and said, “Do you have Slush Puppies here because my mom really loves them and the store in Fulshear just got rid of them one day and she was sad. So do you have Slush Puppies?” Isaiah was right on his tail with his cute little blue glasses covered face nodding his head up and down in anticipation. The lady had NO idea what in the world a Slush Puppie was and looked to me with a, “Your kids are really cute ma’am, but bail me out here!” face. It would appear that while they don’t have Slush Puppies they do have Slush Monkeys which my friends is NOTHING like a Slush Puppie and everything like a Icee. BLAH!

Because they were on sale for 25 cents I let Isaiah get one…he didn’t drink it. BLAH!

The REAL deal!! Oh how miss you Slush Puppies….

I’m glad I can find all these pictures online since I didn’t take any. FAIL!

I explained to them this isn’t like a fast food restaurant and you can’t just step up to the counter and order what you want. We get to “explore” the store and pick the things we want like a big junk food filled grocery store. Off they went like fire ants seeking their prey. The lady from the desk came up to me a little later and asked about the boys. I explained in my curriculum planning I neglected to add, “Bring boys to gas station store” and that made her laugh. But seriously, they LOVED this place from the second they started hanging on the cool red things that keep you from running your car into the store. These are not the plain old boring concrete blocks that lay on the ground, these are cool red upside down U-shaped barricades made out of metal (I think) that you can climb and hang on. You can see them in the picture above if you squint really hard. They even have corny dogs 2 for $1.19. Do not underestimate how cool these facts are for a 6 and a 3-year-old boy whose mom has neglected to take them into gas station stores.

After 30 minutes of exploring I decided to save some of the excitement for our next adventure. I’m thinking I might go back and plan a little scavenger hunt for them. Since Samuel is now on a first name basis with the ladies behind the counter I’m sure I can work it out. A GAS STATION STORE!!! Why did we spend over a $100 to go to the circus?

But on to old news….

The third fairy tale we explored was the Elves and Shoemaker which was not on my list, but Samuel really wanted to study it, and so we did. I have to admit I wasn’t really familiar with the story which has a really great message about doing good deeds and expecting nothing in return. I know I’m guilty of craving recognition and pats on the back for things I do. Imagine Noah coming home with a bouquet of flowers to say, “thanks for packing my lunch everyday.” It’s not always easy to give expecting nothing in return! Because I hadn’t planned for this lesson, I didn’t have many resources on hand so we had to start with the beloved YouTube.

Here is what we watched:

While they were watching, I found some resources to use here: and here:

Other than that, I had a hard time coming up with anything so this was a short lesson.


The boys worked together to make a mini book of the story.


Isaiah worked hard trying to fiure out how to lace the shoes.


Samuel the shirtless lacer hard at work. That look should tell you a lot about what happened next.

They made paper elves and elf clothes and dressed them which was not an attention grabber. Isaiah also used shoe flash cards to sort by size and color. We went into the closet and tried on lots of shoes. We talked about all the different materials of shoes, how you walk differently in some, what is appropriate to wear when, and then read a few books.

Product Details

I love everything about this book and Isaiah had it memorized now so I guess he loves it too!

Product Details

Uhmm..did I mention this was last year?

Product Details

See above.

We added it all of our art to the fairytale lapbook. Are you wondering when you will see this lapbook?

We finished the day with a trip to Stride Rite to get some new shoes. It never dawned on me when I planned this the boys might ask the sales lady if she’s ever seen the elves. While I would normally explain where this question came from, I joined in asking about the elves because my life needs some excitement every now and then. I’m sure there is a note on our account now warning them that the mom is delusional.


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