Monster Trucks and Hansel & Gretel

I took a nap with Isaiah today. I was just THAT tired. This schedule is worth it for my boys, but every once in a while I just crash. Speaking of crashing….

Did I already mention that Noah took the boys to the Monster Truck Jam? I’ve never been interested in going, but I’m in favor of a night to myself to work on my scrapbooks and THAT is just what I did! I already had a bunch of layouts done from my 40th birthday scrapbook weekend and I had the pictures already ordered. (They didn’t come in time for that weekend.) Both my completed pages and pictures have been sitting in a box since September and for whatever reason would NOT just put themselves together. On boys night, I was able to put the whole book together with just a little journaling left to be done. I say “little” because I don’t remember much from that year and I wasn’t on Facebook or blogging yet. At least there are pictures. strangely there also two month without one single picture…it wasn’t a good time for me! Here are a few pictures from Mommy’s Night In:

DSCN9953 DSCN9964 DSCN9967 DSCN9968 DSCN9972

I’m still not clear if they actually liked it or not, but at least they experienced something totally new and different with lots of junk food!

Fairy tale number three: Welcome Hansel and Gretel. It would appear I never studied this fairy tale in depth before as I was NOT AT ALL prepared for Samuel’s very offended reaction to the step mother for sending the children away! That is one concept they did not understand one bit, and honestly neither did I. We chose to focus on the bond between the siblings as I desire and pray for this strong bond over my boys. I know they will always have differences and argue, and I encourage them to never feel like they have to like everything exactly the same, but when it comes right  down to it, I want to them to be each others biggest fan, advocate and protector.

We started Hansel and Gretel by SURPRISE….reading a few books, (I warned this week was not full of great excitement!)

Product Details

I found it very hard to find books that weren’t creepy!

Product Details

This was the only other book I could find that wasn’t focused on the witch.

We do have a few fairytale books that include this story that we also read. After we read books we did a little art.


Samuel’s Hansel & Gretel House. Looks yummy!

Then, we watched a few versions on YouTube:

I LOVE when things around town fit perfectly into my lesson plans. We were able to catch the Opera to Go version of Hansel & Gretel at the Miller Outdoor Theater for FREE! You can even bring in your own snacks, bonus! While this wasn’t my favorite fairy tale because of the deep content, I took advantage of talking to the boys about how privileged we are to have a happy family and love for each other. How great it is that God has handled our finances, even when my dietary needs and doctor bills increased our budget immensely. And how (as we were eating our snacks) we never had to worry about our cubbord being bare. They both think we need to adopt all the hungry children in the world and as compassionate as Samuel is, I believe he will make a difference in that area one day.


Snacking at the Miller Outdoor Theater.

  DSCN8875 DSCN8876 DSCN8877 DSCN8878 DSCN8879 DSCN8880 DSCN8881 DSCN8882

I have to admit I didn’t quite realize it was going to all be singing, but the boys were engaged and enjoyed the story. Had we not spent time talking about the story line, I don’t think they would have had a clue what was going on up on stage! Sadly, I have to admit I was glad this one was over because Samuel’s questions were getting really hard! After the show we walked over to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to the butterfly exhibit. It isn’t exactly a forest with a candy covered house, but there were lots of fun critters!.


Isaiah wants to bring this fun guy home.


I can’t remember what this bug was….


Sittign still and letting the butterflies land on us. Not a job for a 3 year old.


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