Goldilocks & The Three Bears

In October when we did this is was still part of what we liked to call at Worley Academy the “working out the kinks stage” of homeschool. I planned super fun, easy and engaging activities that boys were familiar with, while I figured out how they each learn best. It really was a fun time around here. One thing I learned right away…A 6 foot table was not going to work for the three of us and the computer! But we stuck it out for six months before we made a much-needed and now loved change. Here’s a few pictures of our new improved IKEA schoolroom:


PLENTY of space for all out projects. That clean desk NEVER looks like that! I piled everything out the camera view.


The storage area. I pull from this every week as plan my lessons and put it….


in these cubbies by day. They put their completed work in the top right box for me to grade and decide what to do with. Some goes in scrapbooks, some to grandparents and some in a box in the attic. Some goes that other place that kids don’t like to know their work is going!


The writing rules wall.

The other thing I learned is while Samuel can sit for long periods of time if he likes what he’s doing, Isaiah is not able to. So have a lot of “breaks” during the day where I have them practice doing other things for 10 minutes. They may be learning how to jump rope, dribble a ball, bounce and catch a tennis ball, skip, hop on one foot, do sit-ups. I was actually very surprised how many of things challenged them at first! They don’t know while they’re doing these activities they are actually making themselves better at Tae Kwon Do, basketball and tennis. I’m so sneaky like that. Today they had a pool noodle battle while I sorted laundry.

Our fifth fairy tale was Goldilocks and The Three Bears. This one was a lot of fun! Here are some of the books I picked:

Product Details

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Product Details

It seems like we read more, but I can’t remember!


We watched several versions on YouTube. See what I meant about the 6 foot table. SO MUCH wasted space!


I made Goldilocks and The Three Bears magnet board pieces.

The boys really love role-playing and then making up their own stories with the magnet and flannel board pieces. I love having something to give them to do that is more constructive than fighting when I’m cooking. Many a recipe have been ruined by breaking up a fight.


I set up three chairs and let them act out the story.


They tried the little one in the big chair and the big one in the little chair.


They tried the big one in the big chair and the little in the medium chair.


But they settled on the big one in the bog chair and the little one in the little chair.

Funny sidenote is baby bear’s chair actually did break that week when he used it as a stool to reach something he wasn’t supposed to have off the counter!


I gave them three sizes of silverware and they had to put them in order based on what directions I have. Smallest to biggest, biggest to smallest.


They both thought that was way to easy so I set a timer and shouted different combinations quickly. Much more fun.


I gave them different size bowls and played the same game. Then I had them match the bowl size with the silverware size. Then made it trickier with combinations like, “Big Bear wants his bowl and Mommy Bears spoon.”


After that, they went bowling while I made lunch.


For lunch they had porridge. I made one really hot, one just right and one cold.


Baby Bear thought his porridge was JUST RIGHT!

In class we talked a lot about:

* Big, Bigger, Biggest

* Small, Smaller, Smallest

* Large, medium, small

* Hot, warm, cold

* Manners: please & thank you

We did a fun PE activity to a the “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around” tune:

Little Bear, Little Bear, turn around

Little Bear, Little Bear, touch the ground

(knock on the door, eat some porridge, have a seat, run run run, go to sleep etc.)

To end it all they built a fort and both got all their “guys” and played in the fort.

And this is where the lapbook became a pile of papers on top of a half completed lapbook. So now I must got and try to remedy that….


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