Little Red Riding Hood / The Tortoise and the Hare

It’s things like questioning myself for twenty minutes on whether fairy tale is one word or two that makes me question my homeschool abilities much after first grade. I’m happy to report that I have found no rhyme or reason as to why it’s spelled both ways. I now feel confident I might be able to tackle second grade. We’ll see.

Noah took the boys out of town OVERNIGHT this past weekend and while I was sad to not spend time visiting with family, I was relieved at the thought of having time to plan my lessons, gather supplies and make my menu and grocery list for the week. The week goes by SO MUCH smoother when I have my day ready to go. It also allows me to have a half a cup of tea while it’s still warm before I get the boys out of bed. We’ll work our way up to a full cup eventually, but the extra sleep time is much needed right now. It’s a bonus that while I was putting all these plans together I got to catch up on the last three months of television shows I shouldn’t be watching in the first place. I did catch up on Katie and I now know the story behind all the things you have all  been talking about for weeks. I do not feel any smarter or more informed on anything but my disappointment in others choices is on the rise.

I don’t get out much with friends anymore and was actually sad when I didn’t have anyone to call that could go get a pedicure last minute with me. It makes me feel a little bit better about taking an hour each night to work on my blog before I doze off. I love having all these memories in writing because my brain seems to have an automatic delete button which I have no control over. Have I mentioned the boxes that sit in the bottom of my closet stealing all the room I plan to start my shoe collection in? They contain all the memories from 2006 – 2009. There are cards, ticket stubs and ALL  of Samuel and Isaiah’s baby stuff in there. I want to put it all in scrapbooks and I’m ready to get it done, however all my pictures from those years are trapped inside my crashed computer in the garage and I have no idea how to get them out. A smart person would have started backing up their system after that. There WAS a box attached to that computer that Papa set up for me. I am praying really hard that the pictures are hidden in there somewhere otherwise I have to pull down that box of a million cd’s that is covered in dust in the highest part of my closet. I burned a good amount of those pictures on those cd’s…which I never labeled. I don’t even know where to start, but I have set the goal to tackle it in March.

I’m happy to tell you about the last fairy tales and YES I (almost) finished the lapbook this weekend! Woo-Hoo only 5 months later. Here’s how we finished the unit:

Fairy tale number six:

We spent a day discovering the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Here are some of the books we read:

Product Details

Product Details

We moved on to the flannel board and Samuel enjoyed this one.


I made the flannel board story for the boys.


Isaiah enjoys putting the pieces up as I read the story.


We hung it on the back of the door to maximize space. I hung a clothes line on the wall next to it to put the flannel stories for the week and their artwork.

Then we watched a few You Tube videos:

We set up a maze in the living room and pretended to be traveling through the spooky forest. Then we decorated some cookies for Grandma. It was a fun unit, but I had a hard time coming up with creative ideas.

We finished up by playing dress up with the wolf costume and some shirts with hoods. The boys preferred to be Little Blue Riding Hood.

Fairy tale number seven: The last one for this unit….thankfully

We ended the fairy tale unit with The Tortoise and the Hare. It was a really quick lesson and we used the books of fairy tales we already had in our personal library. At this point my creativity was gone and we were all ready for a new routine. We made paper puppets and the boys had fun acting out the story. We reviewed fast/slow, asleep/awake. happy/sad and talked about problem solving. We raced cars and compared them to the tortoise and hare. We also listened to Between the Lions’ version of the story and watched a few on You Tube:

The boys did  few worksheets and then we set up the marble run and raced marbles. This brought us to Friday afternoon and honestly, we were pretty well all worn out from the week and ready to put the fairy tale unit to sleep and go on our Iowa vacation. Here is the completed lapbook. My Anatomy & Physiology one is coming our MUCH better! I still need to add the pictures of the boys doing some the activities…that may never happen.

DSCN6465 DSCN6466 DSCN6467 DSCN6468 DSCN6469

I only have 23 more blog posts to catch up on from the fall….yeah me!


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