Flat Boys in Pennsylvania

We are having SO MUCH fun with the Flat Boys project! I can’t tell you enough what a great experience this has been. It is all about the wonderful hosts that have taken in the Flat Boys making this such a successful adventure! As I explain before, there are 4 of each boys traveling at the same time as this gives our hosts plenty of time to take the boys on lots of adventures. Flat Isaiah was in both places in this post during Hurricane Sandy! Look at how much fun Flat Isaiah had despite the storm!

Flat Isaiah went with Mrs. Pat to the Amish area of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the day before the big storm named Sandy was to hit Delaware, New Jersey, and some other states.  We were going on a quilting trip with two other women.  We had lots of wind and rain and Flat Isaiah got a little nervous at one point, but he did fine.  We didn’t get any photos of us being IN the storm as it was too wet and windy to do that, but we do have these photos from our week in that area.
This photo shows Flat Isaiah enjoying the fall decorations by one of the Amish stores.

Isaiah 1
In this photo Flat Isaiah is posing near an Amish horse-drawn buggy outside one of the fabric shops.

Isaiah 2

He also enjoyed watching Mrs. Pat’s Quilt club sew during those 5 days.


Flat Isaiah wanted to have his photo taken with an Amish person but we explained that they do not allow photos to be taken of themselves and he respected that.  The Amish culture is a very interesting one and your boys might enjoy learning about them.  They have settlements in various places in the U.S. and the one near Lancaster, PA, is a very large one…not the largest in the country, but quite substantial and it is interesting to spend time in that area.

With Cousin Nathaniel and Sarah he:

Flat Isaiah had wonderful visit here in Philadelphia!  All the states up north are much smaller geographically than Texas, so Isaiah got to visit quite a few over the past few weeks.
Before we were able to show Flat Isaiah some of the sights and sounds of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we had to get ready for Hurricane Sandy, which was a dangerous storm that came right over Philadelphia during Isaiah’s visit.  He helped me cover all the windows and was very brave when the rain and wind were howling outside.  Thankfully, Philadelphia managed to survive the hurricane with minimal damage, and we all stayed safe and sound when the storm passed over.
Philadelphia is a very large city with a rich history, and used to be the nation’s capital before Washington D.C.  We got to see a lot of the old buildings that have been around for over 150 years!


Flat Isaiah got to see Congress Hall, where our second president, John Adams, was inaugurated or sworn in.

IMG_0053He and I got to stand right next to the Liberty Bell, which is an old bell with a crack running down it!

IMG_0048The bell hasn’t been sounded in years because it’s broken, but it used to call some of America’s founding fathers to meetings!


Flat Isaiah go to walk down Elfret’s Alley, which is the oldest continually inhabited street in North America!  It’s a quaint and narrow little street with cute stone houses and tiny alleys–quite different from the sprawling spaces of Texas!


Flat Isaiah and I went on a tour of Independence Hall, which is where the Declaration of Independence was signed, marking our independence as a nation!

IMG_0051In fact, the nice tour guide lady let Isaiah stand right next to a copy of the U.S. Bill of Rights to take a picture!


IMG_0066We got to sit in chairs in the same place congress members from the 18th century signed many constitutional amendments.

IMG_0059The nice tour guide told us about how they would have trials for colonists who were accused of treason against George III, who was the ruling monarch before the American Revolution.  They used to make the accused stand in those bars that Flat Isaiah got to pose in front of with the tour lady.

IMG_0064Flat Isaiah also got a picture standing in front of the house of Betsy Ross, who sewed the original flag of the American colonies!  The house was very small–just the right size for Flat Isaiah!


My girlfriend Sarah took Flat Isaiah on a trip to Washington D.C., our nation’s capital, where he got to see the White House where the president lives!


Washington D.C. is actually the only part of the mainland USA that is not part of a state, even though it lies within the state of Maryland–weird, huh?


Flat Isaiah walked around the George Washington University.

Isaiah8After seeing some of the monuments and was invited to be on the radio!  He was featured in a show on the local online radio station WRGW, where he and Sarah gave a shout-out to the non-flat Isaiah!


Flat Isaiah even got to visit NEW JERSEY where mommy was born!

He definitely had a lot of fun getting to go on this trip.  He also got to go to the state of New Jersey, which doesn’t have as many statues and monuments as Washington and Pennsylvania do.  But they are known for their great pizza and deli restaurants, including the famous Millburn Deli where Flat Isaiah is seen standing.

isaiah10 isaiah11

Flat Isaiah was a very well behaved guest, and he was a lot of fun to have around!  I enjoyed his company, and hope he has lots more fun adventures in all the other states!  Good luck with your project!


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