Loving the Rain!

We cancelled all our plans for tomorrow when I heard it was going to rain all day. Not because we are scared of the rain or anything, it’s actually quite the opposite. Most people are sad when it rains. My boys REJOICE! This started when Samuel was little and declared (warm) rainy days as “rain catching days.” We’d get our sand buckets and i’d dress him in this cute outfit (which I’d have pictures of if I could just figure out that little black box!)


When did he get so big?

that now fits Isaiah

My LIttle Fire Fighter.

He has a serious case of cuteness.

and go splash in puddles and catch the rain. We had so much fun! Samuel introduced this tradition to Isaiah and now at the first mention of rain they both say, “YEAH! We can go rain catching!” and they do! I’m sure our neighbors wonder about our sanity when my kids have buckets they are filling as the water flows down the street, but they are happy and that’s all that is important to me.


See I am in some pictures.

DSCN7642We may not be able to catch snowflakes on our tongues in Texas, but light rain feels amazing on your face when you stop long enough to just enjoy it.  On a hot sunny day, it’s quite refreshing. DSCN7643Isaiah’s taking in the beauty of the rainbow.

They also like when it rains really hard and the water is flowing quick past our driveway to the storm drain in front of the next house. They get leaves and sticks and pretend they’re boats and count how long it takes them to get capsized down the storm drain.


Rainy days = happy days!

If there’s a rainbow, that’s an extra special time. I’m sure our neighbors have questioned our parenting abilities at times also.


Samuel comparing the colors of the rainbow with and without sunglasses.

Playing in the rain is a really simple thing. Of course I don’t let them run around with metal umbrellas in lightning, or play in the rain on the one day a year it’s cold. I am responsible…just fun also!

We HAD to introduce Cousin Lucy to the fun when she was with us this summer. The look on her face was priceless as she asked, “You’re going to let them do what?”


Running to the street to fill their buckets.


Running back up to count how many little buckets to fill the big bucket. Our version of a rain barrell!


How fun does that look, seriously!

I believe some great memories among cousins were made this dreary, rainy day.




Until it ends.


3 responses

  1. Love it! We do that too! But we do it even on cold rainy days and with metal umbrellas till we see lightening and I know for sure my neighbors think we’re crazy.

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