Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Butterflies


A precious, curious hand holds the delicate butterfly.

We always have something brewing at Worley Academy. We just watched the transformation of 5 caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. I decided to plan an entire week around metamorphosis and it has been so fun!


Our five chrysalis.


We kept them in the school room for several weeks.

The boys picked out flowers and mixed up sugar water to feed their butterflies. They also gave them orange slices. We learned really quickly that taking a care of a dog is nowhere in our future. We did this last year also. I can’t believe how much the boys have grown in ONE year!


I have no memory of what Samuel painted himself as!


Isaiah seems SO MUCH bigger now!

 We chose a beautiful sunny day to let them explore nature. It was sad to let them go, but it was time.


Isaiah could not wait to get his hand in the butterfly habitat!


Curious little boy.


They stayed on his hand until he forced them onto a flower.

We let them go in the flowers in the front yard.


It’s funny to think my sister had 10 inches of snow, and my dad 20 inches as we let our butterflies go outside on our blooming roses.


And our robust Lantana.


It really was amazing to think about God’s intricate details in creating the butterfly.

Samuel found a lone butterfly the next day trapped in a bucket of water and was able to rescue him, dry his wings and send him on his way again. He had flown all the way to the backyard.


We brought him back to the mums in the front yard.

I decided to spend more than one day on this lesson as the boys really were intrigued by the process. Here are some of the things we did in the classroom:


Butterfly Puzzles


Beaded Butterflies


Isaiah’s completed butterfly. We added a clothespins to the back to use it on the art line.


The LeapFrog Caterpillar. Isaiah decided he needs to pass this on to his baby cousin.


Making sock caterpillars.


Our new pets. No maintainance required!


Playing Cootie Bugs. Samuel made paper wings on his so it could turn into a butterfly.


Isaiah was REALLY happy with his creation.


I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar as the boys took turns sequencing the foods he ate. And…


I read it again while they fed the caterpillar. This simple activity was a huge hit!


Samuel working on the life cycle.


His art is getting much better.


He created a life cycle wheel for the lapbook.


Sequencing the life cycle.


Samuel illustrating the poem. I just love his creativity!


Pattern block butterfly.


The Hungry Caterpillar board game.

Here are a few things we did in the kitchen:


Chips in the butterfly muffin holder with a butterfly tortilla and grape caterpillar.


Apple caterpillar.


CANDY caterpillar life cycle. A definite favorite of this unit study!


Mini marshmallows for the eggs, gummy worms for the caterpillars, Tootsie rolls for the chrysalis and gummy butterflies.


Butterfly and banana french toast with ladybug strawberries and marching ants.


Isaiah was pretty excited to kick off the unit with this breakfast!


I made these for their sports snacks to keep the lesson going even when we were out of the house.


These may be labeled “bowtie” but we think they’re “butterflies!”

We also did a little art.


From this….


And this…


To these precious masterpieces.

I typed in “butterfly” on Pandora and actually found some music we liked. Then we gave each other butterfly kisses. When we were done cuddling, I wrapped them up in their own chrysalis and let them break free!


Wrapped safe in his chrysalis.


Busting into a beautiful butterfly!


Samuel wanted to know why I wouldn’t use ace bandages to wrap him up….


Another butterfly!

Isaiah woke me up this morning telling me my sweet butterfly was here to snuggle. I was amazed at how much he absorbed this week since he never really seems to be engaged when I’m talking about details. He was so sweet talking about his tube tongue and how his wings were still to wet to fly because his abdomen wasn’t empty yet. Then he pretended daddy was a butterfly hunter and was going to hang him on the wall. I love his imagination.

We are so fortunate to have the Cockrell Butterfly Center in Houston. We didn’t get to go this week like we planned as Samuel was feeling a bit under the weather, but we went not long ago and had a great time.


Riding in the caterpillar.

It was fun having our own pictures to use to identify the butterflies. DSCN8907 DSCN8909 DSCN8910

Here are some of the books I used:

Product DetailsProduct Details

Product DetailsProduct Details

Product DetailsProduct Details

Product DetailsProduct Details

Product DetailsDSCN6679

Product Details

These are great double sided books that Gran-Gran got for Samuel. The opposite side of the coyote book is the Monarch Butterfly.

When Nana Gail bought them this book for Christmas,

Product Details

it came with this sweet guy:


Isaiah claimed him immediately!

We watched The Magic School Bus and The Very Hungry Caterpillar videos also. I found some really neat butterfly hatching videos on YouTube. Here’s one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AUeM8MbaIk&feature=player_embedded

We finished up the unit by making this lapbook:


The boys put glitter glue on one side of the butterfly and folded it to learn about symmetry. We learned butterflies wings are exactly the same on both sides.


While we reviewed all we learned this week, we added the facts to our lapbook.


These are all little books loaded with our fun facts.


I added a plastic sleeve to the back cover to hold all their other work.

This is my favorite lapbook yet! I still want to add a copy of this blog post and some pictures, but it’s a pretty great reference already! Stay tuned for ladybugs and ants coming up!


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