Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Ladybugs


I did NOT plan for Isaiah to get sick the week we had all this excitement going on! (This is a few weeks ago!)

We decided not to take this week off with the rest of the spring breakers so we could enjoy our activities another week with a lot less traffic. The boys started the week rough….rough is actually being kind. I’ll admit that I forgot the golden rule, “when your kids throw a tantrum don’t have one of your own!” I completely and totally broke that rule. I lost it. I yelled and I may have even slammed a door. I hit martyr role in a really huge way! I have to back up a little bit to last week when this downward spiral started. It was one of those days where the boys lost all self-control and the words, “you’re the worst mom ever” were yelled from tear filled red faces.

I of course practiced self-control and didn’t list all the reasons I don’t desrve the title “worst mom ever.” Wait, no I didn’t….There comes a point when even the most seasoned moms have had enough, and I was at that point. The horrible part was it was Samuel’s birthday week which I always make a HUGE deal of and his behavior prevented me from doing that. Because of this repetitive behavior I didn’t feel like I could take them to do a bunch of fun spring break things. That and the fact that ‘green car’ met its final death meant we were destined to be stuck in the house all week to work through this rough patch.

What I know for sure is that I yell so rarely that it made an impact and there was not ONE SINGLE ounce of negativity at Worley Academy today. Monday and Tuesday were tough, but by today we were smooth sailing and we all remembered what it was going to take to live in harmony again. These days are much more productive and now the boys are outside playing basketball, golf, tee ball and squirting each other with water blasters…and me…well I am sipping some refreshing tea with the back door open, radio speakers in the window enjoying a little “ME time.” I want to bottle up these moments and pull them out when we hit another rough patch! I no sooner typed that and they started fighting. What in the world…I’m choosing to ignore it. Maybe the neighbors will deal with it. It does take a village. But on to more fun topics….



The first batch didn’t go so well! This may be my fault (a little bit) for again not being prepared. I read the instructions wrong and thought we were supposed to leave them in the tube until pupa stage like the butterflies, nope. They are predators and in the end we ended up with only two lady bugs. ooops! Being a good mom I admitted this to the boys…wait..no I didn’t. I totally blamed Insect Lore. We finally let those two fighters go:DSCN6546

DSCN6546 DSCN6547 DSCN6548

Insect Lore saved the day and sent us a new batch for free so I can try it again, and I’m happy to report so far they are thriving and there are lots of them! At least I remembered to check the mail everyday so they didn’t sit in there for weeks.


Ladybugs take TWO!

All three of the bug kits arrived the week Isaiah was very sick. My entire week was thrown off and we were all so tired. Thankfully, the boys have no idea their teacher messed up. Now they want to get fish…..they obviously were not permanently damaged by the great fish massacre of 2010 where I single handedly killed two tanks of fish in a week. I thought goldfish were supposed to be tough.

For this reason, I made sure we talked about why some pets are temporary. Then we caught a spider for our bug box…in the house. We didn’t do as much as I had hoped with ladybugs as we were all spending a good amount of time in our rooms last week…but here is what we DID accomplish!


Creating our own ladybugs.


Ladybug math with counters. I would give him equations to solve with his counters.


He really enjoyed this so I’ll have to find more ways to use it.


Labeling the parts of the ladybug.



Insect word search. Whenever I post a blog I realize all the things I forgot to add. I didn’t mention the butterfly frame I got when I was in Singapore you can see in this picture or the ancient animal cards in the green box Samuel LOVES.

We did a few art projects:


Ladybug hats and hand print ladybugs. Aunt Val and Uncle Mike gave Isaiah this conductor hat when we visited them in October. It is worn EVERY day!


Rolled paper ladybugs.


Samuel’s creations. Samuel does not like following a pattern so this was a true lesson in following directions for him!


Samuel painted this guy with one of his Big Bend rocks during Worley Science Camp last year and we all wanted to take off to BB all over again! That was the best family trip yet!

Played a game:


This is a super fun game created by a kinderkid. It has a cute story with it and the boys love to play it.


It’s getting to easy for Samuel, but it’s great for him to teach Isaiah which a huge task in patience for him!


We used some stamps to make art that I never took pictures of, nor can find now. Did we ever actually do it…hmmmm

Ladybug Footprint – Just painting the boys feet makes this craft worth it! There contagious giggles on their ticklish little feet cracks me up! Then them trying to hold their foot up while I lift them to the sink. It’s always a fun time.


This is my favorite activity for this unit.

Here are a few more craft ideas we didn’t get to: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/themes/ladybug.shtml


The boys made a maze out of blocks and wound this guys up to go through the maze. That was super fun!!

Here are the books we used:

Product Details

This was the one I used the most. It’s so cute and I love the happy ladybug didn’t let the grouch rub off on her. I needed this lesson lately!

The Grouchy Ladybug book read here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUtCr5YPgK4


This was a fun sequencing activity they did while I read the book to them. Isaiah put the pictures in order while Samuel made the clocks and added them. We then made it all into a book.


We made Isaiah his own clock to learn how to tell time.

We watched this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jwTEQFjIIp8

Product Details

This series of books is really cute and the boys had a fun pretending they were ladybugs.

Product Details

Isaiah loved this counting book.

Product Details

There is a good Life Cycle video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zrDGh2DIRU&feature=player_embedded and a good life cycle diagram: http://everything-ladybug.com/ladybug-life-cycle.htm

SURPRISE! I also made some fun food. My boys actually sigh (loudly) if I put “boring” food in front of them now. What have I done????


I made strawberry ladybugs with the french toast butterfly and marching ants when we kicked off this unit.


Ladybug Yum-bun with ham ladybug crackers and apple ladybugs.


Ladybug english muffin with ants on a log.


Ladybug tortillas.


Ladybug cookies and pretzels flying to eat the aphid pizza.


Ladybug cheese muffins, ladybug apples and ladybug ham crackers.


Ladybug muffins with ants on a hill.

We ended the unit by making a Ladybug Lapbook:


Front cover.


I think I like making these so much because it’s like I’m actually scrapbooking!


Back cover.

As always you can find all the original links to these ideas on my “Completed Projects” Pinterest board. Enjoy!


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  1. Debbie, I was just thinking today that I couldn’t wait for the next blog and here it is! Awesome!


  2. you are very creative! Maybe in your next life you will be a teacher in a public school, where you can have a whole classroom of little people to share your wisdom with!

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