The Color Run

All I want for Christmas is some time to write my blog, some time to write my blog, some time to write my blog….sing it with me.

Before it rained color!

Before it rained color!

We all want more time to do the things we love, and I want more time to preserve my memories since my brain seems to have limited space to remember details of events. It’s important to me that my boys have these memories of their childhood, yet I can’t seem to ever sit long enough to get it done. It could be the perfectionist in me never wanting to post a blog without it being exactly how I want it, which it never is since I’m barely getting by in the computer savvy category of this puzzle. OR it could be I feel the need to have everything written in chronological order which is overwhelming since I’ve missed months of our exciting adventure and will never actually “catch up” unless we just sit in a cave for months doing nothing fun or exciting. OR it could be that in the 2 minutes it took me type these words I heard the dryer stop, the boys have asked for more to eat, and I have three other things that HAVE to be done before 4:00 pm today. So usually at this point, I would just give up and have yet another “draft” in my folder (there are over 40 in there in now)..but today I will make it simple and GET IT DONE! Maybe I’ll even do TWO…now that’s just crazy! Enjoy the post with out critiquing the grammar please, this is my scrapbook and I can go back and correct it when my kids are in college and I’m looking for things to do.

Color Run 2

There faces tell the story. Can you tell which one likes adventure and which one wants all the details before committing?

Color Run 3

Isaiah, “I finally get to run in one of Daddy’s marathons! Well, am I to young to run in my own yet?”

THE COLOR RUN!! As you know, Samuel gave himself the Super Hero name Captain Color years ago. Captain Color’s hero powers have changed and expanded over the years, but Samuel’s favorite color steadily remains, “all of them!”

Goggles were a must for this Captain!

Goggles were a must for this Captain!

Captain Color reporting for duty!

Captain Color reporting for duty!

Soooo, when I heard about the color run I knew Captain Color just HAD to participate in this event! While I wasn’t sure how he’d deal with people throwing colored corn starch in his face, I had high hopes that he would be able to “just roll with it” as we have been diligently working on this concept the past few months. He was nervous at first, but then couldn’t get enough of it. It started with loud music and dance party. I had never heard most of the songs, but I’m happy to report I learned a new line dance and felt very hip.

Isaiah had a BLAST dancing and won the hearts of all around him.



Isaiah, is he not just the cutest thing ever? The spirit and love fulfilling this little monkey is amazing. He is smart, compassionate and energetic. He’s a little fire cracker when he wants to be, but he’s able to reign in it and win over hearts with his super cute, innocent smile.

Color Run 8

He was smiling to the very end!

Color Run 5

The little blue glasses certainly help his cause! He had a blast at the beginning dancing and throwing color at everyone. When else is it approved behavior to take a handful of colored “dirt” and throw it at people and they cheer for it begging for more. This is a child’s happy place! I love these real life opportunities to let my kids ‘break the rules’ and enjoy themselves. Reckless abandonment is a very important part of life.






Color Run 6

Putting our handprints on Daddy!

Putting our handprints on Daddy!

While it took us just under and hour to complete a 5K, I consider it a win because the boys made it meltdown and complaint free through a cold, muddy, crowded Saturday run power walk. Samuel would walk for a minute and then yell, “JET PACK!!” and take off with a burst, then the jet packs would have to refuel. The run really isn’t camera friendly for obvious reasons, but we did still get some great shots.






While I rolled over wondering what in the world I was thinking getting the kids up early to go on a cold, rainy morning to play in mud and corn starch, I was glad we did. This was a great time and I know the boys will remember the time they got to make it rain color for it a while.

Color Run 7

Covered in color, Captain Colors happy place!

Color Run 12






At least for the next few days as we continue to have colored snot and ear wax 🙂 Somehow the color made it through both shirts into my belly button. It is now temporarily green to match my toes! It makes sense as that is wear Samuel kept slapping his hand print on me! I was disappointed in the after party, or lack of it. I guess we’re spoiled because we’re used to Noah’s marathons on a much bigger scale, but beyond the finish flags, you didn’t even know the race ended.

The worst part, the boys used all the hot water in their baths and I had to take a FREEZING cold shower to get to work on time. I’m still shivering.

Color Run 13

I’m thinking about this look permanently!

Color Run 10

“Mommy I can’t see!”








From moths of babe: What was your favorite part of the Color Run?

Samuel, “The color stations because I like getting really colorful!”

Isaiah, “Dancing in the color!”




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